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German high quality vitamins Orthomol

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Vitamins - organic compounds higholekulyarnye, which are different in their chemical nature, and there is a need in small doses for the life of a living organism. They are formed in the organism in sufficient quantities, and for this reason they have to be ingested with food. Everyone should take approximately thirteen different in their properties vitaminew. They can not perform structural, energy function, but it is quite necessary to use these compounds, which perform functions, such as lipids, proteins and carbohydrates.

Certain foods, namely meat, vegetables, fruit, eggs, dairy products, fish, god enoughAta vitamins, but each product can not itself meet the necessary requirements of each body. Therefore it is necessary to use a varied and balanced diet.

There are certain vitamin supplements that complement the diet when there is a need for one or more quantities corre-corresponding compounds. Very good and effective are.

Their advantage lies in:

1. unique ratio of trace elements and minerals;
2. the origin of natural ingredients;
3. You can select a vitamin complex on an individual basis, Spirothat the need to identify the body;

They can be useful for:

- For women;
- For men;
- For immunity;
- For vision and hearing;
- For vessels and heart;
- Sport;
- For joints and bones.

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