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The main reasons causing infertility

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If the couple regularly sleeps sexual life without using mediaSTV contraception, and all attempts to become pregnant, or are needlessly end in miscarriage in this case there are a couple of barren. Therefore, to solve this problem, you should consult a specialist and find out the causes of this condition.

The most famous clinic that has a certain time in a draft study andhelps couples in the solution of this problem there is a Center of Reproductive Medicine "Fertilitet".

Main women:

  • A woman's age. Even after 35 years of a woman's ability to conceive and bear a child is significantly reduced through the destruction of chromosomes.
  • Gynecological diseases, such as: poor quality egg, problems with ovulation, development of cysts on the ovaries of women, fallopian tubes and the like.
  • Stress plays an important role in pregnancy, as to the damage of the emotional state to develop differentOring disease.
  • The incompatibility between the spouses.
  • The disease is associated with the production of hormones.
  • Adverse working conditions and lifestyle also play an important in the conception of a child.

Also, infertility andHealth problems can occur in men. The most common may be associated with impaired hormonal levels in men, causes that are associated with autoimmune processes, surgery and the like.

So, if you notice the first signs of infertility and all your efforts do not give pPerforman, advise immediately enroll a qualified physician in the Center for Reproductive Medicine "Fertilitet" cue will diagnose and identify the causes of infertility, and prescribe treatment and will feel the state of fatherhood.

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