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Hair transplantation in Germany

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The city of Hamburg in Germany is world famous clinic "FUE - Hairtransplant Hamburg", which is famous for its excellentreputation of hair transplantation. is a procedure surgical nature, during which on sites with bald spots move hair from the back or sides. For clarity, a clearer picture look at the structure of the hair. Hair consists of the hair follicle and out of the trunk portion. On the surface, chairman of the hair tend to pasti pinches, or as they are called follicular units, each consisting of 1-4 mature follicles of hair, 1-2 thin hair, a little musk, blood vessels, nerves, sebaceous glands.

There are two ways to perform a hair transplant:

  1. The transplantation of artificial hair , which is an advantage of the fact that the result can be seen immediately. This procedure requires special devices through which makes a small incision or puncture, and transported to the hair. This method is the most secure;
  2. Autografting . This type of transplantationand allows you to see the results only after 2-3 months on is different from the previous one. The procedure goes through the notch cut out piece of skin and still smaller pieces. The advantages of this method is that the client does not feel any discomfort sensations in the head and scarring is minimal. Choosing not only methods Perezorder the hair, but also a place of their recommended to carry out this procedure at the clinic "FUE - Hairtransplant Hamburg" in Hamburg, it is well known that Germany is the leading country in Europe, which is famous for best quality in the field of hair transplantation.
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