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Heart - the pump of our body!

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Our body is rather complex, complexeswaistband system consisting of organs and systems, each of which performs its critical functions. Consider for example the heart. This is a natural pump our bodies, which are the main and peripheral vessels pumping blood carrying nutrients in every corner.

Therefore, behold diseaserdtsa or vessels, could become a serious obstacle to supply the body's nutrient particles. By the way, heart disease has been the branch of medicine such as. According to statistics from the World Health Organization, cardiovascular diseases cause the greatest number of deaths of crisis or a prolonged illness.

According to the same statistics, only in Russia, each year more than half of the deaths due to diseases accounted for heart problems, that as much as four times less than, for example, in oncology. To protect themselves from such problems can be observing certain rules relating to our way of life (food, motoractivity, and so on. n.).

The important point in this case is a timely and correct diagnosis. But given that it can only make a health care environment, constantly visiting them for diagnostic purposes is unlikely to succeed. However, development problems may predetermine guided onbution of knowledge on this issue.

It should be alarmed at the appearance of pain in the projection of the heart, rapid heartbeat and shortness of breath, even with the emergence of a relatively light loads, lethargy, swelling of the legs, severe sweating, and so on. Since all of the problems of cardiovascular type are within the competencethis branch of medicine as cardiology is, therefore, if in doubt or suspicion in this regard need to seek the advice of a cardiologist.

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