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Hernia: the causes of the symptoms, treatment

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Today, one in three people suffer from hernia. Doctors recommend different waystreating this disease. The most common method is surgical removal of the protrusion. But as any surgical intervention does not go unnoticed, and all spine surgery is risky, many patients still choose. Let's take a further look at why there herniatedand.

Causes of herniated

So, the main causes of the emergence of a herniated disc include: the aging of the disk and losing their elasticity, violation of correct posture, excessive load, insufficient development of the corset muscle effects after trauma disorders in the body of waterno-salt metabolism, overweight. For the prevention of this disease is recommended to use a vacuum therapy and exercise therapy. Although the best way to avoid danogo disease - there is conducting proper lifestyle and constantly strengthen the muscles. &Nbsp;

The symptoms of a herniated disc are:

1. The occurrence of severe pain in a specific area on the back.
2. You feel weak fingers.
3. Pain in the lower back.
4. Limitation of maneuverability of the spine.
5. Headaches, which include dizziness.
6. "Jumping" pressure.
7. The occurrence of pain in the leg, from the hip and endingfoot.

Treatment of herniated

If you decide to get rid of a hernia by using non-surgical method, it is recommended to engage in physiotherapy. It should be performed every evening and constantly increase the load. It helps strengthen your back muscles and normalizes their pAbot. Not bad, if you prefer, and swimming. When you are tempted to folk remedies, it is perfectly help massage, which is made from mummy, fir oil and honey. However, the best results can be achieved if the morning rub infusion of pokeweed. Afternoon to do with rubbing cinquefoil, and in the evening to spend honey massage.

Remember that the spine - this is one of the most important components of the human body. Take care of it every day!

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