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The modern world and society, as it is a few can not functionwithout complying with various kinds of plants and prejudice. Speech in this way are not talking about the concept of etiquette, for it for centuries little changed, retaining most of the original, and similar to most people (at least on religious grounds) range of rules of conduct.

Because the foreheadcentury has greatly expanded its ability to communicate, communication, exchange of experiences,   including realtime slightly modify the priorities. For example, given the fact that today almost all hidden, private fairly easily becomes public, including through the fault, negligence or lack of foresight saIIR citizens enough becomes relevant structural condition of man, his appearance, presentable, and so on. n. This is especially true of people public regularly interviewed in front of television and still cameras, and obliges them to carefully monitor their appearance, to maintain the beauty and health of the skin (as indeed, the whole body).

A huge role in this process is played by many beauty salons and spas, providing a wide range of skin care products, its rejuvenation and correction. This is a pretty lucrative business with proper conduct of his, however, excessive competition in this market segment is not necessary to lose. Based on the etogfor many, even famous, Spas offer their customers fairly flexible system of discounts, one of the most popular elements of which are that achieve a certain range of services at a discount or even for free.

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