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Resort complex "Yurmino"

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The man often faced with health problems that are not so easy to solve even the modern methodof treatment (and this despite the fact the highest level of development of medicine, which we are seeing now). Some diseases and pathologies are chronic in nature, and the best way to deal with them is a regular preventive maintenance, including on the basis of spa resorts. In such places, for the treatment and prevention of diseases of energy usenology and properties of natural sources - mineral water, mud, and so on. d.

In particular, one of the most famous spa resorts in the world (which use the healing mud baths) are located in Israel, on the shores of the Dead Sea. But for such salutary mud do not need to go Tridnine land - all that we have, so to speak, under the nose, in the Crimea, in the town of Saki. Local mud baths at the time gained fame all-union health resorts and I must say, this rating is maintained and now.

In addition to the official, public health centers, are functioning successfully and the first in these partsprivate resort complex "Yurmino" Saki, Crimea:. This created a great medical and relaxation facilities, staffed by experienced professionals on the newest equipment. All this, as well as the corresponding natural sources create excellent conditions for the treatment of diseases of the following groups:

- treatment of skinand, in particular, psoriasis;
- treatment of gynecological, urological diseases (prostatitis, infertility in men and women, reduced potency, PMS, etc.);
- treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system (arthritis , osteoarthritis, low back pain, etc.);
- treatment of diseases of the digestive system;
- treatment of diseases of the upperrespiratory tract.

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