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As the morning to wake up healthy and beautiful?

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Every day we spend a lot of time in the mirror. The advantagesignificantly pamper themselves with various creams and apply makeup. During the day our skin is susceptible to many negative influences, such as the effect of wind, UV rays and others. Therefore, you should definitely at night to care for our body.

According to the Internet portal "": it is proved that the body is set to pinction toxins during 20 to 22 hours. Therefore, it is desirable at this time to take a shower, bath or sauna to maximize clean. Then it is recommended to apply moisturizers and anti-aging creams.

Often, before bedtime, you drink plenty of tea, or wine, or try fried and smoked food. So do not be surprised EUDo you wake up tired in the morning and feel uncomfortable. Fluid that night drunk does not have time to withdraw from the body and appears on the face in the morning. So you and look swollen. Therefore, it is desirable to use a liquid for 2 hours before bedtime.

There are cases that in the evening you are dealt a night cream in the morning woke up and allyour face is studded with pimples or red spots. The explanation here is one: improper use of this tool. Remember that the creams before bed should only be applied to clean skin, as the soil together with the particles of dust or powder will serve for the development of bacteria.

Never confuse the use of day and night creams, asEach has its own purpose. Day - protects and night - feeds. By the way, night cream should have a light structure and is endowed with only the properties of various kinds.

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