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Weight Loss: fear of change

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Why is weight loss, which is due to the presence of modern, efficient prepRatov and varied diet is a very real prospect, so often on a subconscious level scares people overweight? Oddly enough, many women prevent fear of change, fear of the possibility of becoming the other.

Get rid of excess weight – means in a sense to withdraw frompsychological comfort zone. Losing weight is not only a change in appearance, but also with certain metamorphosis in the inner world. Do not flatter yourself hoping to regain self-confidence, only to lose those extra pounds. You may be disappointed when you see that, though found harmony, your relationships have not changed.It may be that people subconsciously do not want to deal with the problem of excess weight, because it is difficult to get out of the shadows, and interaction with people is a big challenge for him.

Being overweight can also be an excuse when a woman does not want to take care of their appearance, guided by the princi-put: if you're fat – then spend time grooming makes no sense, because no matter how hard you try, you will not look attractive.

Sometimes women, without realizing it, fear that slim figure will become a burden, since lead to persistent attentions of the opposite sex. Sohappens when a woman can not refuse men, so she has to protect themselves from unwanted manifestations of attention to their appearance.

The reason that women subconsciously scared, maybe the fear that they will envy. And sometimes it is the fear that maintain a relationship with them will only-this attractive appearance, but not of interest to their rich inner world.

Quite often, people justify their inertia and inefficiency problem of overweight. But we all have examples of people who, in spite of the extra weight, quite sociable, successful and easy to establish sociale contacts.

Another psychological barrier to change the appearance, is the human desire to invoke sympathy from others. It is rooted in the lack of a serious problem of self-esteem, which is necessary to cultivate the same way as other important human personality.

So, there are many reasons that cause people to come to terms with the problem of excess weight. In order to get rid of the fears that prevent weight loss, you should gradually accustom themselves to the changes in life. Simply put, start doing something never done before. Prepare dinner original dishesoh, go to a restaurant, try to change your hairstyle and clothing style, get a hobby like, take a trip, meet new people, read a book unusual genre for you.

These seemingly small things can help to change the internal settings and set you on the acceptance of global changes in your life.

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