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What is TB

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This disease such as tuberculosis, known to all mankind from the treethese times, and it would seem that this disease for a long time should sink into oblivion with scientific advances in medicine, but still very different. Tuberculosis and provides today a great danger to humans and complex social problems of large-scale action. Statistics are not happy and reassuring forecasts, although nowadays TB is curable, butBehold as many people die from this disease. So, what is tuberculosis, as there is an infection, the symptoms of the disease and its prevention.


Tuberculosis – is a disease caused by infection with Koch's bacillus, that is the causative agent Mycobacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Tuberculosis is spread primarily by airborne droplets way, by cough, expectoration, kissing, sneezing, etc. Or carrier for the disease tuberculosis bacterium enough to breathe, and can have full run of the disease. With a strong and healthy body can withstand immunity and eliminate the pathogen. To do this,live a healthy life without the use of alcohol, cigarettes, and provide yourself a proper diet and lack of stress.


If you have symptoms of weakness, loss of appetite, fever, prolonged cough that lasts longer than two weeks, perhaps Zaration and the manifestation of tuberculosis. At the first suspicion of disease should immediately provide treatment to the doctor with further analysis and expert guidance.


It is also important to note that for the prevention of tuberculosis, there is an X-ray examination and vaccinationOia, because there are cases of asymptomatic disease progression, and the only way to detect tuberculosis.


In identifying the disease early and timely treatment, tuberculosis easily cope without further consequences and complications. After tuberculosis in our timeThough still, complex disease, but preventable and treatable. The problem of our time period in delaying disease treatment and follow-up care of tuberculosis before the end. It is not the observance of the treatment and the recommendations of the attending physician produces a deterioration of the status and complications of tuberculosis. After antibiotic treatment before the program is toXia has high sensitivity to disease differs after their admission. In the treatment of this disease must not forget about traditional medicine that accompanies the additional improvement. Ingredients such as leaves mother and stepmother, fish oil, marshmallow root, use mole crickets and other improves the condition of the patient, and are recommended for shunnedNotices repeated waves of tuberculosis, as well as relatives of the sick as prophylaxis.

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