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What is a foot massage

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What is a foot massage

Foot Massage – assistant in the fight against cellulite, various diseases. Foot Massage – it is indescribable pleasure, which not only helps to relieve tired feet, but does so to the leg muscles and the whole body was in good shape. Indeed, this procedure helps to relax, get in shape and take a new dose of energy. After all, it is ourlegs give it to us.

The benefits of foot massage

It is possible to say that it is different from the back massage, and it is more useful. The fact is that when a person does it, in the process of not only the muscles are stimulated, which only has impact, and the entire body as a whole is a virtuous Dresult. Explanations that only one – on his feet is a lot of reflex points that have a direct impact on the entire body.

On foot there are many points that are responsible for the modern reflexology range. That is why, if you massage this part, it will be a pain in the back and aboutizoydet relief body as a whole.

Stimulation of the toes, will improve:

  • gums and teeth;
  • Eyes;
  • Ears;
  • sinuses.

Just rememberhis childhood – when you were sick, my grandmother treated you immediately – rubbing your toes vodka and did it very carefully. And on a cold morning all disappear somewhere – Stavan breathe easier, and his eyes were no tears.

If you look more carefully all the points on the soles of his feet, then it is possibleto write a book. After all, there are also points that are directly related to the internal organs, the mood of the person.

Cellulite Treatment

All women, even girls are well known such a word as cellulite. It's not beautiful phenomenon occurs on the body, and thereby spoil its beauty.

Nowadays, there are many different creams, pills and even injections for cellulite. But frankly, this is not effective. This is just a waste of money and your time.

Yet for a long time, people knew how to fight cellulite, and have used this method, but now, she developssome feeling that everyone has forgotten about it, wasting your time in line at the pharmacy for a new vehicle. Although they might be for the money (and maybe even cheaper) just comes to a course of massage, and still get that result, which is so long dreamed of.

The fight against swelling of the legs

If you constantly and registrationulyarno visit a qualified massage therapist, it will help you prevent and to forget about the swelling, which is quite often on his feet. And the thing is that the correct pressure on the   corresponding points, will make you feel just walking comfort, and all your shoes will never be small for you.

WeightWell – Assistant heavy jobs for people

If a person's work is a constant walking, or more simply, the work is constant heckling on the feet, such as hairdressers, waiters, salesmen. In that case they, necessarily have to do a foot massage. If this is the case to put on aamotek it will produce to the fact that after a while these people appear severe pain in the legs, and   hereinafter appear different disease. And not only the legs, and the whole body.

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