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Clinic for Reproductive Medicine. How to choose a hospital.

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Clinic for Reproductive Medicine in Kiev. How to choose a clinic.

Every couple who have already faced the problem of conceiving a child understands how important the right choice of the Center for Reproductive Medicine. On what are the modern methods of treatment of infertility can be

Many fertility clinics in Kiev and regionIt offers its services. The range of facilities and programs in many ways similar to each other. What is the IVF center to choose? What stay? Briefly review the main points that need to be addressed.

The effectiveness of the treatment of patients at the center of fertilization

In order toto make an objective evaluation must first of all know the statistics. According to international practice, the probability of pregnancy is only 40-45%. This includes in addition to the youth and middle-aged women who have seen the complex causes of infertility.

If the clinic until their pointsexponent of efficiency in the area of ??70-90%, - it is likely to take to calculate the statistics of young girls, who saved a good chance of conceiving a child.

Reputation Clinic for Reproductive Medicine

First, you need to look for reviews on the work you are interested in the centerWAN. Check for the presence of the electronic media publications about the scandals, trials, and other negative addressed to the selected establishment.

You can also pay attention to the center of patient testimonials. But it should be aware that reviews may not be real, ie, arranged for a plho.

If you have time and finances, it is reasonable to advise the patient to apply to several different hospitals. This will compare the diagnosis, treatment options and pricing institutions.

Where is the truth and a lie

A good indicator of peproduktivnogo center is its social activities. It may be special programs for the poor, charity, free on-line consultation, and more. This is evidence that doctors, in addition to the main employment, are willing to provide free or low-paying assistance to needy patients.

Create your own opinion about the professionalism of the doctors can be in their publications on health forums and specialized sites. Placement of articles and will certainly involve discussion and feedback on the basis of subject matter which can be folded in the overall picture.

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