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Baker's cysts of the knee joint

May 09 2015

Baker's cyst got its name in honor of the doctor Baker, who was the first of theout the disease. Externally similar to the cyst gryzheobraznoe protrusion in the knee area. The size of cysts can vary widely, but usually its size is 3 cm. The cyst is filled with joint fluid yellowish. Often the process involves only one knee. Baker's cysts of the knee is more common in youngchildren and people over 40 years.


The causes of cysts in old age are the wear of joints and metabolic disorders. Also pathology can develop at any age, if a person has the disease, such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, cartilage injury to theOlena. What are the symptoms? The peculiarity is that in the initial stages of its development cyst in no way disturbs the person. But over time, people noted the emergence of pain and difficulty walking. At this stage it is already clearly visualized rounded swelling behind the knee. For the diagnosis of the disease need to provction of such research methods as MRI, X-ray and ultrasound of the knee joint, transillumination.


What is the treatment of the disease? There are two areas of treatment: conservative and operative. Of course, the choice of a method determined by the attending physician determinednym indications. Conservative treatment is the insertion of a needle with a syringe in a cyst. Thus there is suction cyst contents into the syringe. After the procedure is introduced into the cyst and anti-inflammatory hormones. It is not always quite the same procedure. Often after treatment relapse. So be sure to havewords are regular visits to your doctor. In addition, well reduce inflammation physiotherapy. For more information about treatment options, visit the website.

For surgical treatment is usually resorted to when other treatments had no pronounced effect. Surgical treatment we concludeIt is in the excision of the cyst. The operation is performed under general anesthesia, the duration of the procedure is on average only twenty minutes. After surgery on the leg applied a pressure bandage or plaster. Full restored walking on the seventh day.


The disease certainly Mr.uzhno engaged in time. In some cases, may develop complications. The most common complications include:

  1. The gap cysts;
  2. Compression of the tibial nerve (as a result of marked legs tingling and numbness);
  3. Compression of the blood and lymphatic vessels (resulting in pain and swelling observed Mr.deer);
  4. deep vein thrombophlebitis shin;
  5. varicose saphenous veins shin.

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