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Salads and benefits of their use

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Until recently, the green salad was treated as something dismissive. Few grew leaveslettuce on their dachas.   And that there are many varieties of greens, hardly anyone knew. Salad, mostly used as a holiday table decoration. And only with the possibility of development of information technology, the varieties of lettuce, its benefits have learned a lot. &Nbsp;   A major role in the popularity of saladI play the fashion for a healthy lifestyle. A healthy diet – it is important for such a lifestyle.       With such a diet salad is a must.

The benefits of eating salad

lettuce consumed in ancient times. About their medicinal properties were known   Romans and Greeks, Egyptians and Chinese.   Even the   the names of some varieties come from the Roman Empire (arugula, romaine, radichchio). Salad - very dietary product, its preparation and recipes, today there are many. It is particularly attractive to women sitting on the eternal slimming diets, since   very low-calories.

From the salad you can make cocktails, how to use a mixture of different kinds of salads with dressing, add sandwiches. &Nbsp; The lettuce contains large amounts of vitamins and minerals, and vitamin C in it as much as the lemon. Eating a salad, you normalize the stomach and intestines, and promotingthose that the body of excess fluid output.

It is useful to use a salad for pregnant women, since it is present     Folic acid is responsible for the development of the fetus. Salad should be consumed fresh, with just a bed, because, after standing a little all their nutrients it loses. Therefore laneunits while buying ready-mixed salads in our supermarkets, it is worth thinking, and whether to buy it, that of the vitamins there is still left. But fresh salad in a pot, that's what you need. Fortunately gastronomic civilization already has reached us.

Types of salads

It is difficult to Reprebuild, but today there are about 1000 different varieties of lettuce. And if someone else thinks that it's a salad – something fresh and neutral, he is deeply mistaken. Each type has its taste. There are salads with   very neutral taste,   people say « tasteless & raquo ;. And there have bitter, pungent,spicy or peppery taste. Some leaves are crunchy salads and some very soft. &Nbsp; All salads can be divided into leaf and head out.


, or Roman, in our area still occurs relatively infrequently. Although it is one of the oldest varieties of Salatoc. His homeland - Italy, as evidenced by its name. In the entire history of this salad is constantly something crossed, which made it possible to get a whole army of his species. This salad can not be attributed to the sheet, or to head out. It is located halfway between them. The leaves are dark green salad, and closer to kachanchiku-outlet paleron the green. They have a long form, strong and juicy. In Romain very spicy taste, slightly tart and spicy with a hint of nut. Delicious salad of Romaine, especially with yogurt dressing. Often it is added to   mix in salads, and for the preparation of the classic salad « Caesar & raquo ;. Romain also possible to put out as cabbage, addsoups.   With romaine lettuce, you can experiment by adding different dishes, enable   Your imagination!

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