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Obsessions - symptoms, causes, treatment of

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Most of the people at least once in his life faced with a kind ofan obsession that crop up in the mind for a few days or more. As the cause of stress, often such thoughts arise against the background of anxiety, phobias, transferred offense, exciting memories of insecurity. But in real life haunting thoughts do not represent any danger to humans, whatHe went down a certain period of time to make.

The man is unable to control the appearance of your mind obsessions. At the time of their occurrence mind remains sharp and clear, does not suffer from the mental level. Obsessions are accompanied by depressive emotions, anxiety omen. Man is fully awarenot quite the character of a healthy obsessions.

Each individual has its own theme and the cause of the obsessions. The most common examples of obsessions include:

  •   thinking about the deadly disease;
  • uncontrollable desire rechecks, if the electricity is turned off (iron, TV, lighting), blocked any gas and water, if the door is locked;
  • suspense repeat vital parental involvement;
  • fear of doing something well enough and be punished for it, and so on. D.

Methods of disposal of intrusiveivyh thoughts!

The strategy to combat compulsions consists of several stages and methods.

The adoption of these thoughts

Everyone strenuously resists the emergence of obsessive thoughts. But that resistance is pointless and therefore it takes only wasted power. wellzhno easily take for granted, and to imagine that now you're halfway to victory over the problem.

Writing or saying negative thoughts out loud

His unwanted thoughts can be recorded in a special diary or notebook. At the same time, you give negative energy output than lighten their condition.
Another option – Tell about his obsessions with relatives or friends. This will give an opportunity to identify the accumulated emotions and feel the support.

Create a positive image

At the time when you are attacked by obsessive thoughts, imagine weathered moment or a fictional entity, which causeyou positive emotions. Such simulations help oust the unwanted thoughts.


In order to achieve results in the fight with obsessive thoughts, it is important to believe in their capabilities and aggressively go for victory. If independently to cope with this deviation does not go, consult the loonyoterapevta.

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