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What is wave therapy

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Users often suffer from diseases of any. That's the trouble and sorrow of the world, because how often we lose closecal people due to serious illnesses. The whole history of humanity is imbued with human suffering from the pain of diseases and torments from the loss of our loved ones. We often are afraid of diseases, but all at least once experienced physical exhaustion from the banal flu, and some felt the condition worse than that of more complex diseases. Sometimes, as the Scarecrowbut ill with some incurable disease that falls into the trap of his mind and suffers from a nervous breakdown. This is probably familiar to all, and if not, then stay so fortunate throughout life. There are people who already know about your illness and seek salvation from it. These people are trying more than a dozen methods to cure the disease, and everyDay looking for the strength to continue to fight for the future. And humanity is high time to understand that sickness and death – it is an integral part of our lives, but there is for us today – for us there is hope for a cure and happy life, and modern medicine will help to make steps towards the future. And if in yourher life sounded a diagnosis like cancer, do not you dare give up, and immediately grasp the healing of your body and mind!


Today, there are many techniques that have been active in the fight against cancer, the main of them offer the following treatment:

  • surgery;
  • chemotherapeutic;
  • beam radiation;
  • biotherapy.

often have complex treatment in combination of several techniques, and, accompanied by medication-religious effect on the body, or resorting to traditional medicine. Recent advances in the field of scientific medicine also offer an alternative effect on cancer cells via wave therapy. Wave therapy has taken a strong position as a method of treatment of cancer.

Wave Therapy

– alternative methods of cancer treatment and is effective in the treatment of benign and malignant tumors, as well as a preventive measure for precancerous lesions and symptoms that minimizes the formation of cancer or the risk of its occurrence.   The wave therapy is used for the prevention of these precancerousDisease:

  • skin;
  • breast cancer;
  • lung;
  • stomach;
  • liver;
  • cervical cancer;
  • bladder
  • and so ..

The procedure for treatment

The course of treatment lasts for about a month, which includes approximately 25 sessions. The duration of a session takes 15 minutes, but no more than 20 minutes one portion processing apparatus wave therapy. Of course, everything depends on the state natsienta, the number of tumors and metastases, which affects the rate and duration of sessions. Procedure wave therapy begins with the patient's diagnosis. The diagnostic method can be accomplished as follows:

  • PET CT;
  • X-rays;
  • US;
  • oncology markers;
  • immunnogramma;
  • blood.

The method of diagnosis depends on the condition and type of cancer. It should also be borne in mind that needs constant diagnosis of the human condition, especially at the beginnings therapy and after treatment.
The next step of the procedure consists of therapy and coaching to further demonstrate hardware human exposure. And after the preparation for the therapy can proceed to the wave process with direct patient contact hardware.

Treatment of animals wave therapy

The wave therapy has a positive effect on the treatment of animals with tumor diseases following lines:

  • skin;
  • soft tissues;
  • bone;
  • stomach;
  • Nervous System
  • and so on. D.

The diagnosis of tumor formation in animal studies conducted in the following:

  • clinical method;
  • instrumental method;
  • laboratory method.

The advantages of the wave method are obvious, because this method is an alternative method, as well as an effective preventive measure cancer. This method effects on cancer cells is the newest method in the treatment of cancer, but has already manifestedit yourself, as a method, has shown great promise in the fight against this disease.

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