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What is mitral valve prolapse

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Our body - a complex system of organs, tissues, systems that Surpriseitelno harmoniously interact. One of the most important, even vital, of a heart - the natural circulation pump constantly to pump blood through the body, and along with it, and all the nutrients. If we draw an analogy between the heart and pump in a technical sense, and then he and the other provides laneemeschenie working fluid by creating a pressure differential between the inlet and outlet lines. If the pump is real is due to rotation of the impeller organa-, the heart is working at their own rate. Also, in both cases may occur a phenomenon of reverse current working fluid in the cavity expiration. In the case of heartthis phenomenon is called regurgitation. To prevent it, the valve system is used.

The mitral valve

One of the most important heart valve is the mitral valve separating "heart blood" in the left atrium and left ventricle. In its structure, the mitral valve is dve flap having a cross-sectional arcuate shape concave towards the atrium. It prevents the reverse flow of blood in the atrium during ventricular contraction and pumping of blood into the aorta. Despite the complicated structure and evolutionary perfect shape, the mitral valve in the same way as the other components of the whole body, heart and hastnosti, subject to various congenital and acquired.

Barlow syndrome

The most common disease of the mitral valve defect, or is his or prolapse syndrome, Barlow (named for the man, for the first time to describe in detail the mechanisms of its occurrence), more details read here:.The disease is accompanied by a dysfunction of the valve, that is, it does not provide a complete closure of the valve leaflets during ventricular contraction phase. As a result, irregularities in the anatomy flaps, at a certain moment they begin to sag in the atrial cavity during the opening of the aortic valve, and thereby to close completely. ThisIt leads to regurgitation atrial side. Statistically, this defect with insignificant regurgitation volume has no effect on cardiac function and overall condition of the body, and therefore does not require any treatment. However, there is a certain percentage of patients whose outflow is quite significant and requires prompt inmeshatelstva until prosthetics.

The symptoms of prolapse

As with any disease, the valve prolapse is accompanied by certain symptoms:

  1. Rapid heartbeat with arrhythmia;
  2. Vegetative crisis;
  3. hyperventilation;
  4. palpitations dizziness;
  5. palpitations fatigue;
  6. The presence of dyspnea, an incomplete breath;
  7. Pain in the heart;
  8. and so on. N.

As a rule, a vice develops very slowly and there is no critical violations throughout their lives.


The main way to diagnose a defect auscultation (ie, listening with a stethoscope), and echocardiography in parastenalnoy longitudinal position.


In most cases, do not require any response or surgical or therapeutic. Specific therapy begins to be applied in case manifest pain in the heart and clear violations of rhythm. In this case, it recommended soothing therapy, development of different methods of relaxation, regularitylar and proper rest.


The disease is best prevented or make regular preventive maintenance, then it will not show yourself, and your life will flow in the normal way.

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