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Arabica coffee - the favorite drink of millions of

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Every morning, wake up, we will work to prepare some coffee or tea. TheseBeverage considered tonic, invigorating, causing us to wake up, get rid of the morning drowsiness. And the phrase: « Coffee in bed & raquo ;, - has become, almost winged. Coffee like many of its bitter taste, fragrant smell. Over a cup of coffee enjoy your time in a cozy cafe, dreaming     about something pleasant.   In general, coffee is popular todayn,   ever. A   in some countries the popularity of coffee left behind tea and hot chocolate.

A bit of history

One ancient legend has it that a shepherd from Ethiopia noticed the strange behavior of his goats after eating the leaves and fruits of the same tree. This he told a monk that pYesil himself to test this case, and then began giving the grain to the monks not to sleep at night, and recited prayers. However, it or not, right now nobody can check. &Nbsp; But on the coffee first began in 850 AD and the popularity of coffee came only several centuries later.   And not strange, that we owe a native of our land Yuri Franz-Kulchinskomu.   And it was in Vienna. It is this character became the first owner of a coffee house in Vienna, and adding sugar and coffee cream, made to love this drink Europeans. &Nbsp;   And we know today as the Viennese coffee. There are about 60 varieties of coffee, but the popularity of only two - Arabica and Robusta.

What are the different types of Arabica

In today's share in world production of Arabica coffee accounts for 65 percent and 35 percent of all – for Robusta. The country in which the variety was originally spotted - Ethiopia. But now the ego is grown in many countries: Colombia, Brazil, Mexico and so forth. Every kind of   with its aroma and taste.   SoArabica from Colombia different touch of acidity and Brazilian Arabica naoborot- with bitterness. Coffee arabika- favorite drink of many. &Nbsp; It is a mixture of different varieties of Arabica beans, you can make a drink that is able to satisfy the most capricious clients. For Arabica coffee   with a sweet and sour taste, it contains notes of   wokolada and caffeine content is small, that does not harm your health. By the way, in Ukraine to buy Arabica coffee you can online store

Basic coffee drinks

All the presently known drink is a mixture of different varieties of coffee. But we are sitting in a cozy cafe, and absorbing flavored drink, not even the asswe wash the composition, we just enjoy.   So what are coffee drinks, and how to distinguish them?

  1. Espresso – the most ordinary, familiar to many strong black coffee, which is ideally balanced and acidity and bitterness;
  2. Ristretto — This samaFirst a strong and invigorating coffee. Brewed it in a smaller volume than the espresso;
  3. US — it is, on the contrary, is not as strong as the espresso, the water in it is two times more;
  4. Cappuccino — a mixture of milk and espresso. The drink is very popular and uspupaet championship only espresso;
  5. Latte — a mixture of espresso, milk and milk foam;
  6. Glace — is   a mixture of espresso with ice cream.

As you can see at the heart of any beverage is coffee, so it is important that the grains were of good quality. The   online store   &Laquo; Kofetreyd & raquo ;, so you can buy, and experienced sellers can help you with that.   And you will always be able to   prepare yourself a drink, and enjoy it.

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