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What is household water treatment

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On our planet, water is one of the most disrostranennyh substances. Moreover, water - a key ingredient in the chain of life of all living organisms, which not only supports the functioning of the organism, but it is a key structural component.

The importance of water for human

Speaking of us, that is, on the browcentury as a living organism, the figures voiced confirmed in 70% water of total body weight (averaged over all human life data). Naturally, during the day it is a structural component consumed on different tasks, and therefore the body is constant (ie, regular) needs replenishing it.

The Way "pure "water

The source of this water fills are natural freshwater (rivers, lakes), from which in ancient times, people drew water directly. Today, people made significant progress in scientific and technical terms and can have access to drinking water at home is quite far from vodoemA source. In its simplest form this way is as follows:

  • From the pond produces a constant water intake due to the work of powerful pumps that are on special pump stations;
  • The water then, logically, should be pumped directly to theuser, that is, we are with you, but first it be cleansed of impurities in the wastewater treatment plants;
  • Only then water is pumped through pipelines to each house and home. Everything seems to be clear, but there is always a no, "but" (even a few "but"). It lies in the fact that in spite of everythingviolence, that the water we drink from the tap in an apartment or house in most cases is not clear, and sometimes not to be used.

The reasons for the organization of household water treatment

To explain this paradox, there are some very real reasons:

  • Heavy pollution of water bodies themselves;
  • The inefficiency of the reagents used in the treatment plants;
  • The moral and physical aging technologies and treatment equipment;
  • Physicale aging water systems, thus it can fall metals and impurities.

It is for these reasons, more organized home. It uses a set of necessary equipment, which performs the following steps:

  • Mechanical treatment . Running as a rule, strainers and involves the removal of the water of large particulate matter, simply put krupnofraktsionnogo waste (chips, sand, and so on. n.) < / li>
  • Chemical cleaning . Produced by special water treatment chemical reagentor of passing through the filter of active material (eg cartridges ionitesand);
  • Deironing . This process is used in the presence of water in a large (greater than normal) concentration of different-iron (the water has a distinctive flavor and reddish color). For this purpose, specialinstallation iron removal, including using reverse osmosis technology;
  • Disinfection . It is used for the destruction of the water contained in the viral and bacterial microorganisms - pathogens.


ExodusI'm from the above, no one can be sure that the tap is flowing from his clean drinking water. Until, of course, when you do not begin to use household water filter installation.

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