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What are the remote control (RC)

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The evolutionary process has led tothat man today is the most advanced on the planet. It should not be exclusively natural instincts as animals and trying to change the nature of, for the sake of their own interests, and emerging needs. As a result of the enormous scientific and technological progress, especially the past fifty years, mankind has created a huge amount of whiskercorder, which today carry out the most difficult person, routine and dangerous work. Most of them have their own control unit which is based on electronic parts, assembled into a single scheme. If you take and analyze all the equipment that surrounds us at home and work, it will be most practical electronicnature, which means that such devices can in principle be controlled not only the equipment on board, but a remote control unit, that is - the remote control (RC). By the way, in Ukraine, you can buy a remote online store:.

The reasons for the use of the remote control

The reasons that motivate the peopleovek to the use of remote control electronics, in principle, only two:

  1. Comfort . This is the main reason, which in principle is a major factor in all scientific and technological progress. Certainly, it is more convenient to switch TV channels lying on the couch rather than running each time a TV activitythere yelling and pushing buttons;
  2. security . This is the second and equally important reason. There are challenges, both domestic and industrial nature, under which in the zone of a real risk to health and life, or the quality of work performed. For example, moving Overallx and heavy cargo via crane or photographed with a long exposure with a tripod.

Lines remote

The remote control is the same as an independent unit, as well as the equipment, which he manages. Therefore, there are many varieties of remote control, which means that there is a needin a particular classification system. The most popular criteria for determining the types of remote control are:

  1. Power Supply (panels are self-contained and wire);
  2. Mobility (stationary and portable remote control);
  3. Funktsional (remote control with a fixed set of functions, versatile and programmable);
  4. The link (mechanical, wire, radio wave, ultrasonic, infrared).

The operating principle

Outwardly, almost any remote control is a rectangular Lieba curved unit with buttons. Inside the unit is an electronic control board, power supply (in the case of a portable stand-alone remote control) and the system for transmitting / receiving a signal (for example, an infrared sensor or control cable). Each of the buttons is responsible for one or more executable tasks. A feature of most household remote controls areis its advanced features: remote imposed earlier on the basic functions, while most of the others based on the control device. Today the situation is diametrically opposite.


The use of remote control at home, can significantly improve the comfort of use of household appliances,and hence the overall comfort of our lives.

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