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What are water filters

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Water - this is one of the most common and important substances on our planet. It is a structural component of all living organisms, and in the traditional liquid covers more than 70% of the planet's surface.

The importance of water for human

The human body, according to various estimates, 70-80% of the water in different forms. She participates in all the physiological processes of the bodyAnd hence is a vital component. In the process of life and the water consumed requires the restoration of the original concentration. Under normal conditions, the organism requires 1.5 to 2.5 liter of water per day to all physiological and metabolic processes proceeded normally. Naturally, the quality of water in this SluchAU plays a key role, since this depends directly on human health.

The importance of water for the industry

In industry, water is also used quite extensively, as part of various technological processes. Given the fact that industrial machinery operates at times underrather heavy, which exhibit all the invasive quality of the water and impurities which it contains. In this case, the water quality directly affects the durability of the equipment and the quality of the finished product.

Water purification systems

In view of the crucial importance of water quality for humans, and for aboutindustrial needs, it is important to properly apply the existing water treatment system - filters. From the point of view of the art, a filter - a device in which the specific volume of water purification from mechanical, colloidal particles of different impurities, chemicals, bacterial and viral microorganisms, dissolved metals and m. P. Incidentally, whenacquire water filters can be the online store "Water Club":. Filters are classified in two main criteria: the scope and mechanism clean.

Application filter

According to this criterion all filter installations are divided into two large groups - domestic and industrial. First differ bolits compact size and at the same time a smaller volume of purified water. This category may also include travel and aquarium filters. Industrial filters need to install different one-time cleaning large volumes of water, resulting in filtering device itself has a lot of support systems and more impressivee size.

Cleaning mechanism

It is the criterion that determines which way will be the current amount of cleaning water. The following mechanisms for water treatment (filter types):

  1. Mechanical . Plants in which the filter element isMesh or disc barrier;
  2. Ion . Filters are used as water softeners. They work on the principle of ion exchange between molecules dissolved metals and ion exchangers (eg, sulfonated coal);
  3. Reverse osmosis . Filters working on BaVania effect of reverse osmosis;
  4. Biological . Filters, in which the process water treatment rests on the shoulders of our restless followers - organisms;
  5. Physico-chemical sorption or . Based on the phenomenon of sorption - selective absorption of impurities razlichnymi particulate matter (ash, peat and so on. d.);
  6. Electric . The method, which is also called ozonation, is used for water purification from dissolved in it oxidized components.


As we can see, the value of water is huge, soso it is important to use cleaning system from various types of pollution.

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