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During its long history chelovecheGUSTs not once faced with a variety of heavy and not very diseases that somehow were the result of a weakened immune system. In such circumstances, the two outputs:

  • To be treated, which is extremely unpleasant and very expensive, especially now;
  • makes prevention, which requires a certain impact, but more pleasant and certainly much cheaper than treatment.

humanity in all its diversity, has come up with many traditional systems of disease prevention, but one of the most popular, despite ethnicity isa sauna or a bath. In fact, the process of washing the body, which is simultaneously accompanied by the impact of a hot steam and water.

Create a contrast of temperatures (hot steam and cold water reservoir) creates excellent conditions for hardening and general cleaning the body of toxins. In Soviet times, quite spreadennymi were public baths, in which there were friendly groups or the whole family. You could even say that there was a cult of the bath - this point is quite clearly revealed in the New Year well-liked film "Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath".

Today, those baths partially preserved, and also are in demandm, but given the increasing inclination of society to private construction, are beginning to be more in demand baths private, at home or on the site. They are more compact, modern design, but also need to be subject to certain conditions of construction and the use of appropriate and high quality materials.

Magicianzine "World saunas"

All the necessary components and materials can of course collect with the world on a string, but you must admit, it would be great if all you need was in one place. This significantly reduces the cost and time of the search of all necessary. This place is without doubt the shop (so that there - a network of shops) "World of saunas":. Here you'll find everything you might need for arranging your bath or sauna, in fact, all the materials and components will be guaranteed high quality. It may seem that this sounds a bit loud, though twenty years of hard work the team has won the respect of colleagues and the firmcustomers.

The range of products shop "World of saunas"

In the catalog store goods contains the following categories:

  1. Heating equipment. List of stoves and heaters for baths, heating and cooking stoves for householdUse fireplaces;
  2. heating boilers. This category presents solid boilers of various types, as well as an oven with a water circuit;
  3. The equipment for cooking and picnics. This is a different barbecue, barbecues, grills, mini oven and smokehouset. e.;
  4. Fireplace Equipment. Furnaces, portal, water fireplaces and accessories to them;
  5. Iron casting furnace. This is a significant number of standardized design and oven fittings (doors, hatches, dampers, plates);
  6. infrared saunastype;
  7. Garden Furniture;
  8. flue system.


Our life is sometimes quite boring, but even such traditional activities as sauna, contemplation of fire in the fireplace, it can bring more joy and rais the variety, unless of course, do everything with the mind.

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