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What about dental implants

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Each of us wants to be healthy and shine thereby HEALTHand all their white 32 teeth. Unfortunately, this remains a dream for many, at best, foreseeable. The reason for this development we ourselves, treating dental health is very dismissive. A natural result of such harm are dental problems, but who ever made any person applies to the most terribley (Statistics) doctor - dentist. At best, you can get rid of caries and installed in its place vigorous activity seal. But given the nature of our human and inexplicable fear of dental treatment, we ourselves often bring to a state where there is little of the seals, and sometimes even no place to put the view of the destruction and eliminatedNotices tooth from the mouth. Adentia (just such a medical term that describes the status of the missing tooth in a row. With this prinepriyatneyshego phenomena, man is two options:

  • to accept the loss of a tooth, and try to adapt socially to the presence of this defect Appearanceand. Someone copes with it quite well, and some pretty sensitive about his new, extremely unsightly (especially those engaged in occupations that involve finding for all to see);
  • Try to fix what happened, replacing the lost tooth prosthesis similar in shape.

as a method of implantation prosthetics

Modern man knows many ways to install artificial limbs instead of lost teeth. This golden crown and bridge designs replacing one or more teeth. The first option is possible in the presence of a healthy tooth root, but differs very unaestheticth appearance and unlikely to harmoniously fit into the concept of "snow-white smile." Variant applied to the bridge in the absence of a tooth. The complexity of this procedure is that you have to injure the adjacent teeth to fix the bridge software. Radically different approach to this issue provides a method for dental implants. The essence of the mMethods for is that in place of the lost tooth set its synthetic analogue of the root - a dental implant.

The main feature of this process is osseointegration, ie the process of matching the implant with the jawbone. To fulfill this condition, as the material for the implant selectedbiologically inert material such as titanium. He was well perceived by the body and provides almost one hundred percent engraftment and no rejection. The advantage of this method is the ability to address both single edentulous, without the need for destruction of the adjacent teeth, and complex many-prosthetics,even when fully edentulous. Incidentally, in the doctor's clinic Gutshe you can do with dental volumetric tomography.

The process of implantation

Dental implants - a surgical procedure is planned nature, and thus requires compliance with certain sequence of actions:

  1. Servicing the body and mouth, for the presence of factors that prevent implantation or cool its complicating;
  2. surgical intervention with a view to the implant;
  3. The period of healing of the implant (3 to 6 months);
  4. Installation healing abutment;
  5. Installation on an implanted prosthetic tooth root.


dental implants is one of the most effective and durable treatments eliminate edentulous. At the level of technology and is equipped with a materialeniya, dentist, podiatrist it is possible to realize the ideas that were previously unattainable.

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