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Treatment of Atherosclerosis folk remedies

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Very oftenToday we hear of such a disease, such as atherosclerosis. Many even do not know about what it is, and this is a very serious disease and treatment lends itself not so easy. What is atherosclerosis? Let's investigate. And help us in this Zakharchenko AM - Medical Editor Portal (more detailed look).

What is atherosclerosis?

atherosclerosis - a disease of blood vessels. It is characterized in that the inner walls of arteries are currently deposited plaque (cholesterol and fats). This leads to compaction of the walls, and blood vessels lose their elasticity,   lumen of the vessels loaned, and blood passes through such vesselswith difficulty. Earlier this disease suffer     the older and middle-aged, but now she gets older, and even in young   children.

In the development of this important disease has an unhealthy diet, but it is not the main reason. The main thing - a sedentary way of life without   physical exertion,   nervous exhaustion and stress.

Atherosclerosis is very difficult to treat, the most effective method is surgery. But if you have found this disease in its early stages, it is under the supervision of doctors, we can achieve a positive result using folk remediesas well.


great value for the obstacles of developing the disease is proper nutrition. It has been observed that vegetarians less susceptible to such disease. Therefore, you should not eat or minimize animal fats and eat more vegetables, fruits, herbs. &Nbsp; Importanteveryday use of different cereals, fish, seafood, lean meat only, and the salt consumed in limited quantities. It is very useful to eat every day, a few cloves of garlic, apple, cheese, citrus fruits.

Treatment folk methods

Traditional medicine has worked well in the treatment of Ataroskleroza. But only in the early stages and constant supervision of a doctor.

  1. For the treatment and prevention of the disease, you can drink every day for three tablespoons of olive oil, you can substitute any vegetable;
  2. In the Mix equal parts honey, vegetable oil and lemon juice. Prinimat times a day. The most optimal time of reception - morning;
  3. Very good to eat once a day with a fresh juice potatoes;
  4. are also effective in combating the disease herbs: Melissa tincture with, garlic, dill, Sophora japonica.

Other methode treatment

Scientists have shown beneficial effects on the body of dry wine. On the basis of the wine can make different tinctures   with the addition of spices   (Ginger, nutmeg, cardamom, cloves and so on.) The wine promotes the breakdown of cholesterol and removes it from the body. &Nbsp; Such a cure ofChen tasty, and treated in such a way is very nice.
gaining popularity, and Chinese medicine. Massage and acupuncture are very effective today.


Atherosclerosis can now be cured, but it will be much easier if you have done everything to prevent this disease. Prapriate nutrition, physical education, to prevent and avoid the   various stress and atherosclerosis not do you any scary!

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