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Rehabilitation after operations on the spine and joints

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Our body - a unique complex and harmonious set of organs and andx systems operating together, but still perform their specific functions. Manages all these processes of the nervous system from its command center - the brain. But as you know, any command center is required to have its interim logistics center or an executive system that will collect, process information, and nerenapravlyat it flows. In our bodies such center is the spinal cord. It is not a three-dimensional structure such as the brain and the brain is talking about it, most of the association go back to the spine - joints of the vertebrae column, who is also a part of the skeleton (musculoskeletal), and at the same time, inside containing kanal for the spinal cord. Like any other organ in our body, the spine is exposed to various injuries and diseases, with the only difference that they almost always have some serious consequences. What can I say, if such a common adolescent scoliosis affects the operation of all organs (through neural connections, the nerves that tinfringed on, on the contrary too feel at ease). And as osteochondrosis and its complications, and even more so - trauma can significantly limit the motor activity of man.

The need for surgery

Most of the diseases of the spine have a neurological nature and their treatment reducesXia to conservative medical therapy, which removes inflammation, eliminates pinching and cramping. But there are times when nothing but pills can not give and will not give any effect. These are complex manifestations of diseases that are accompanied by a violation of the basic body functions (eg, fecal incontinence, or urine), severe pain,limited mobility or serious injuries that require urgent surgery on the spine or joints. The healing process after such operations can be quite long, because people should be gradually put back on its feet and to move fully. In most cases, after the surgery, a period peabilitatsii. His uniquely require operations such as:

  1. Hip and knee joints;
  2. Operation to remove a portion of bone and fixation (fixing installation designs for complex fractures);
  3. Operations in the dryzhiliyah and ligaments;
  4. operations on intervertebral hernia and so on. P.;

Rehabilitation Techniques

Depending on the nature and complexity of the surgery and the technique chosen, as well as regulations. It is not difficult to guess that in each case will zadeystvovaVarious schemes for recovery, but at the same time, almost every case be accompanied by the use of complex physiotherapy (physical therapy). The fact that almost always require a long period of rest, which may adversely affect muscle and motor activity, which have gradually recover.

Of course, everything must take place under the constant supervision of an experienced rehabilitation. In addition to gymnastics, as commonly used method of reflexology or acupuncture helps to activate the lost or weakened processes. To saturate the cells with oxygen applied techniques of breathing exercises and improve circulationBlood will girudoterapiya (use of leeches).


It is understood that the disease of the spine - is a serious challenge to the person who can radically change the whole of his future life, so the rehabilitation process is critical, as well as patience and fortitude. Only in this way can again vernutsI am accustomed to life.

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