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How to overcome this disease of the joints, as arthrosis

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Almost every one of us knows the famous phrase "motion - a life." Awhile many even felt her sense of personal example. It is quite clearly evident in the life of modern man who has come a long way from the primitive heavy and arduous physical labor to the modern comfortable making money office chair. On the one hand, it is certainly achieve because there is no more need Applicationlyvat day and night, putting the wagon physical effort. On the other hand, such an approach deprives a person of the need to move, and this is a direct path to the dysfunction of the body in the first place - the musculoskeletal system. What does suffer from a lack of sufficient motor activity not primarily bone and connecting links- Joints, which develops rather insidious disease - arthritis.

What is arthrosis?

Osteoarthritis refers to the so-called degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system, which are accompanied by the defeat and the change in tissues. In the case of osteoarthritis, cartilage affected joint,which ultimately results in bone deformation at the contact, that is, in the joint. In clinical practice the disease may have different names, such as osteoarthritis, arthrosis deformans, arthritis and so on. D. It should be understood, though arthritis and arthrosis - Diseases of the same nature, even this is largely the same disease, but arthritis -It is an acute, inflammatory form of cartilage damage and osteoarthritis - chronic.


Degenerative dystrophic cartilage lesions of the type usually affects the knee joints, which is why the symptoms of the disease and associated:

  1. The first and main symptom - bol in the joints, especially in motor activity or change of weather;
  2. The second - the presence of a crunch in joints, with it not normal and dry and rough;
  3. The third - reducing the amplitude of joint mobility;
  4. The fourth - deformation articulated in defeatth joint bones.

How to beat arthritis

Given the fact that osteoarthritis is accompanied by pain in the joints, most people openly ignore it or try to fight traditional methods, lapping, ointments, and so on. N. The first thing to understand at once after suspicions, and even more so - diagnosisdisease is the need for adequate and qualified medical assistance and certainly not self.

Of course, if the disease has turned into a chronic stage, it will haunt a person until the end of his life. Many people ask the question: is it possible? And here there is a dilemma: you can just close your eyes and accept,which will lead to a fairly rapid progression of the disease, and it is possible to take adequate measures and to facilitate as much as possible, and thus delay the disease.

The most common methods of struggle with osteoarthritis are:

  1. The fight against obesity, that is, reducing the load on the joints;
  2. Reduction increased motor activity and physical stress on the affected joints;
  3. Manual therapy and massage;
  4. The use of accessories, to distribute the load;
  5. The use of substances that inhibitby destruction of cartilage;
  6. The use of anti-inflammatory agents;
  7. The use of techniques prosthetic joint.


The main thing that should be understood as any patient arthrosis - is a timely and appropriate response that will preventie the destruction of cartilage and retain the best possible motor activity for a long time.

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