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Drug addiction is a serious problem

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addiction - a disease that originatedflushes as a result of the fact that the person is abusing drugs or is in the attraction to these substances. Abuse of any medication, drugs or other means leads to the fact that the person is in the   psychic dependence on them.

There are some types of addiction:

  1. Mononarkomaniya - is only one addictive narcotic substances;
  2. polydrug use - is more addictive drugs. This usually happens addiction to drugs and alcohol.

The main feature of addiction is -Irresistible desire to achieve a state of euphoria. When a person is constantly taking drugs, his body support livelihoods at a particular level, but eventually leads to exhaustion, both mental and physical functions.

A man is not dramatically throwing abuse drugs, potCB that this phenomenon leads to a state of withdrawal and the malfunction of the whole organism. To stop this disease to help doctors only. It is not obvious that drug addicts turn to them only when they feel a threat to the life or the body took an overdose of narcotics.

  In these cases, doctors findsuch diseases among drug users:

  • dystonia;
  • Disturbed coronary blood flow;
  • Appearance of cirrhosis of the liver;
  • Colitis;
  • Gastritis
  • And so on. D.

What are drugs?

Narcotics induce a state of narcotic intoxication. When this condition occurs in the body, such as the changes:

  • expand or contract the pupils;
  • body isGSI able to easily wiggle;
  • indifferent look.

By the way, can cause excitement and mushrooms or some medicinal plants which are poisonous. These include plants such as:

  • Normal Garman;
  • The black henbane;
  • poppy and other hypnotics.

With the drugs are usually made drugs that are used in medicine as analgesics.

What are the treatments for drug addiction?

  1. FarmakologicheSkye detoxification. This method is widely known in the world. Since the treatment requires only the use of various drugs. Unfortunately,   such preparations in pure form does not exist. Therefore,   doctors combine several drugs, usually those which are needed for the treatment of symptoms manifested;
  2. Procedures: chemisorption, plasmapheresis and likvosorbtsiya. These procedures include blood passes through the filter, where the substance with a high absorption capacity;
  3. Reflexology. This method   It is becoming popular by the day. Typically, it is used in the treatment of severex forms of addiction.

There are other methods of treatment, and only appoint experts to you is the one that is most suitable, as is required to consider all the symptoms and the stage of disease. If you have problems with addiction, then I recommend you go to the rehabilitation center "Source". TheCenter for eight years saves many people. For drug addiction, as already mentioned, it is a terrible disease that takes the lives of many people. In all the years of activity it was released a lot of people who in the past were addicts. By the way, none of them did not come back to this area, which is very pleasing. Can be treated persons of any age whoreally need the help of professionals.

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