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What you need to know about the opening of accounts in foreign banks?

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In the last year the credibility of theUkrainian and Russian banks decreased significantly. This is due to a jump value of foreign currency, as well as the introduction of stricter measures to keep the balance in the banking sector. For example, in case of early withdrawal of deposits, you lose 30% of the total amount of its contribution. All these measures have forced the Ukrainians and the Russians to seek banks « side & raquo ;, in toOtori their savings are not worthless in a few months. But before you open an account at a US bank, Liechtenstein, Austria, Cyprus, you should consider some important nuances. Consider the example of the most popular banks — US and Hong Kong.

The banking system of Hong Kong — reliable and time-tested. With eachm year the number of lucrative offers for the customers is steadily growing, with even the smallest contributions bring substantial addition to your salary.

Today a real chance to increase their capital by contribution of — it. It is designed for corporate customers who conduct transactions within Hong Kong. For those companies and individuals who are going to manage the account remotely this option, unfortunately, does not fit. But if you intend to open an office in Hong Kong, the preferences will fall on you in abundance. This high interest rates and a loyalty program, and the ability to replenish the account at any time.

The situation with US banks – is completely different. The chance to open an account at a bank in America is both from individuals and corporate clients. At the same time provide the documents that you are a resident of the United States necessarily . You just need to ask to open an account in an American bank to spetsialEastham portal, and access to a bank account or debit card within 2-3 weeks.

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