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How to get here to the Azov Sea

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The rhythm of life of modern Ukrainian is extremely high, because quite often crohm main job has to look for additional income, which would allow more freedom to feel under constant inflation and the economic crisis. Of course, to earn extra money during our crisis and practically wartime - is quite a significant bid to feel confident, but this situation leads to the fact that the body naturally and quickly exhausted, and therefore clearly requires rest. And if we talk about the rest, it should be in such circumstances it is full, then there must be a rest both body and soul as they say. Obviously, to do this in the usual conditions of life (eg, taking a vacation to lie on diVan House) is practically impossible.

The best place to relax is the one that is far from the house, preferably in another region or climatic zone. If you take, for example, Ukraine, then this place is far away, the climate is different is the southern coast of Crimea and Azov Sea coast. Given that Crth has recently become available to us in fact, due to the fact that his "assigned" Russia by force, one of the priority areas for recreation is the Sea of ??Azov, and especially that part of it which relates to the administration of Zaporozhye and Kherson regions. Eastern "Donetsk" of the recently caSti?na available and unsafe with an eye on the armed conflict in the east and partial occupation of the east coast of Mariupol.

Where to rest on the Azov Sea?

Of course, the Azov coast - this is not the southern coast of Crimea, but the climatic conditions as well as the proximity of the sea, makes this hourIt is enough to lure the country's large number of tourists from all over Ukraine. The most popular Azov resort are:

  1. Kyrylivka - one of the most popular and sought after resorts in the Azov Sea. This is a resort village with a population of just over 3 thousand people, which creates and stumpviruyutsya optimum conditions for a holiday with his family. With such a modest scale, in the village and the area adjacent to it are more than three hundred hotels and lodges. Here you can experience the huge variety of attractions, both land and water;
  2. Genichesk - a resort townin the western part of the Sea of ??Azov. There are also excellent conditions for both single and family holidays by the sea. Right in front of the city is the famous Arabat Spit - a few tens of kilometers of sandy beaches. As in Kirrilovke, here is full of private and public sector holiday.

How to get in KiriDeftly

In order to fully appreciate all the delights of rest in these villages, you must first get to this very village. Passenger by the regional tourism and transport company Bagheera tour. Every day, in the direction of the coast goes a lot of comfortable buses. sent by ezhednevnym routes:, Zaporozhye - Kirillovka, Kharkiv - Kirillovka, Kiev - Kirillovka and others.


"made business - walk safely" - that sounds a proverb, and this case, it is appropriate to rename the format "rest safely," visiting Kyrylivka vozhno Arabat Spit.

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