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Passenger traffic at sea (in Kirillovka)

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Each citizen of Ukraine working age have to chazhelo work in order to provide yourself and your family the most necessary. Of course, it takes a lot of force, the body gradually exhausted physically and emotionally. This leads to the fact that a person loses interest in this study, and its effectiveness is greatly reduced. It is quite obvious fact that requires an adequate response.

This occurs by isolating each employee required by law annual leave. How and where to spend it - is, of course, a personal matter, but we believe the most effective in terms of restoring the emotional and physical condition and increase the motivation of a vacation somewhere in a completely unfamiliar region. You can certainly go for a vacation somewhere abroad, but as you well know, it is necessary to save a decent amount, and documents relevant issue. But such a desired rest on the coast, in favorable climatic conditions, away from home can be organized in Ukraine.

This is currently not the Crimea, which was relevant to the last time, and on the Azov coast. There are also excellent conditions for recreation, coastline with dozens of kilometers of beaches, warmer than in the Black Sea water, distinctive maritime climate. There are many holiday resorts, one of the most populyarnyh of which it is Kirillovka village, situated at the mouth of the estuary dairy, at the beginning of Fedotova Spit.

Terms Kirillovka

Although modest, both popular resort size and the indigenous population, barely more than 3000 people, most Kirillovka and the surrounding area is locatedI have more than 300 resorts and private databases for relaxation, various preventive and resorts, private estates, etc. In addition to the traditional seaside resort of entertainment in the form of beach recreation, water rides, water park and dolphinarium, windsurfing, fishing, and so beautiful. N., Visitors are attracted an extremely useful and healthy climate. Wand by the environment from almost all sides estuaries (Milk, Utlyuksky) and the sea, in the air reigns unique concentration of iodine-salt mixture, which only has a positive effect on health. In addition, Kyrylivka - is one of the best places on the Azov coast for families.

How to get

and in particular Kyrylivka often carried by scheduled road, although you can get a free and personal. For example, the constant traffic of tourists in this area has been the company" Bagheera tour ", a fleet which has several komfortbelnyh buses Mersedes-Sprinter and Seat. depart daily. Teografiya routes rather different vector - from Zaporozhye to Kharkiv and Kiev. Besides, there are routes Dnepropetrovsk - Kirillovka,, Novomoskovsk - Kirillovka, Krivoy Rog - Kirillovka. A characteristic feature of the company is its focus on the customer - within a point of departure you can actually pick up at the front doora. All routes operate during the holiday season, which is from May to September.


If you really want to fully and with health workers take a break from everyday life and bytovuhi then Kyrylivka - this is the place where it will do most effectively. Moreover, the finhere's to you will not break away from the family, because the conditions are exceptional, for both adults and children.

Passenger transportation on the sea

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