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Trips to the sea

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Remembering its Soviet past, each adult Ukrainians certainlyand refresh the memory of the traditional summer vacation, which is surprisingly often associated with sea beaches and hot sun. Every year in the season make hundreds of thousands of cars and trains with vacationers. The reasons for this behavior a few, and quite tangible, despite the need to travel far and spend considerably:

  1. First, the climate. The sea climate is extremely beneficial effect on human health, especially those living far from the sea. It is practically irreplaceable in actual prevention of respiratory diseases, strengthen the immune system, especially in children;
  2. Second, a change of scenery. Do not sPET, that rest and recovery of the body is not enough to relax physically, you need besides restore emotional state, and in this regard a change of scenery, new people, new places - it's one of the best options;
  3. Third, the notorious sunburn, which can then be xVastan in his native place and do not walk around, like a pale shadow.

Where to rest on the sea

Until recently, the issue of most of our fellow citizens is almost no problem with the answer. Crimea, especially its southern coast, is in fact no alternative, traditionsinsulating version (or, much more preferable from the rest). But given the events of the last year, namely the illegal annexation of the Crimea and armed neighbors, once friendly state, and the rest are at least theoretically possible, but extremely nekomforten and does not carry the emotional discharge that expected. Under such conditionsquite naturally the eyes of our citizens, who are used to spend summer vacation with his family on the coast flock to the nearby Azov coast. Here the sea is warmer than the black, and smaller, which is great for families with children. In addition, on the Azov coast reigns as the unique marine medical climate, so that the fieldZen adults and children to prevent diseases and strengthen the immune system.

Buses Kyrylivka

to determine the place of rest on the Azov coast, should pay attention to the resort village Kirillovka located at the beginning of Fedotova Spit. The conditions are excellent for families and active ontdyha, also operates a permanent shuttle bus service to other regions of the country. In particular, permanent make Flights from Dnepropetrovsk million (the company "Bagheera tour"). Comfortable bus route "" depart daily from May to September. Sending a bus is generally carried out in 6:00am. A characteristic feature of the carrier is the individual approach to every customer: you not only take away from your location, and will be taken straight to the door, you specify recreation. In addition to this route, visits to Kyrylivka come from other cities - Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Krivoy Rog, Novomoskovska, Zaporozhye.


If you want to have a rest with his family at the sea, the resorts and guesthouses Kyrylivka - this is the place where to do so would be best. Furthermore, a comfortable bus will take you to exactly where you need to.

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