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What is the coding from alcoholism

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Our body is torather complicated largely perfect evolution system which, nevertheless, has weak points. The man has a lot of weaknesses, including due to a highly developed psyche (in comparison with the other species). Our weakness manifested in different ways, but the most powerful body and overcome our will, turning into dependency. One of the mostits common and complex dependences in human life is alcoholism. This is a systemic disease characterized by progressive addiction and dependence on alcohol consumption.

The stages of the disease

studying alcoholism as a disease, it turns out that it has expressed a hundreddiynostyu. In the course of the disease there are three main stages, which are characterized by different levels of complexity of the disease, the desire to consume before the development of the system of psychic and physical dependence. With the phenomenon of alcoholism are closely related to the concept of abstinence syndrome or just breaking, which is accompanied by a sharp deterioration in health statusdue to the abrupt discontinuation of alcohol or its unusually long break.

The encoding is a method of combating addiction

There are many different approaches to combating the disease, both medical and popular. Unfortunately, not all of them can help, especially if the stage ZabOlevanov much running. One of the most common approaches to solving this problem is to encode. By the way, in Samara you will   Emergency drug abuse treatment - "Alkonorma." In fact, it is not any one method, and a set of techniques that are intended to eliminate the symptoms of both physical andpsychological dependence. Through coding patient formed indifference and aversion to alcohol, and eventually a complete rejection of it. If we consider the coding, as a complex method of treatment, it is, of course, it consists of several diverse methods to decide how to separate and complex tasks.

Psychological approach

As part of psychology applied in practice, two basic methods: method Graf and Dovzhenko. The first one is approved by Ministry of Health of the USSR and has been repeatedly tested in practice. Count Method gives excellent results, if the cause of alcoholism is an inner Confrelic of which can be solved by methods of psychotherapy.

Physiotherapy approach

This group of methods involves effects on the body, but rather to set the individual region (point), stimulating the necessary processes. Most often used in practice physiotherapy techniques such as acupunctureor a reflexology (acupuncture), as well as electrical. Moreover, the impact on the desired point is possible using a laser beam treatment.

Medical Approach

This method comprises administering to the body of drugs that block the chemical level in the desire to drink alcohol (more oftenOh, disulfiram).

The combined approach

This strategy involves the use of several different techniques in parallel, to achieve more significant results.


according to succumb easily and here it does not matter what a person has socialny status, but get rid of it at times almost impossible without the help of qualified drug treatment specialists and psychologists.

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