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Orthopedic mattresses for children Dikulja

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Parents buying for mattressesI'm their children to forget that children need those mattresses that help not violate health and sleep. Because it affects the health of the child. It is no wonder that today, almost every child has three such diseases as scoliosis. Believe me, it is much easier to prevent than to cure.

What isscoliosis?

scoliosis - a curvature of the spine in a lateral plane, in which the vertebrae begin to unfold in the direction of its axis. Scoliosis affects mainly children of school age and people who are constantly sitting at the table and very little exercise.

How to do thatto that scoliosis has not touched you and your child?

The best option is to exercise. This will strengthen and properly form a muscular corset. In addition, they contribute to the fact that will form the correct body posture. Not bad, if the children will have lessons in the pool or in the gym.
More odesThese proven option is to use mattresses Dikulja. In fact, the child when lying on the bed, it is not simply resting on these mattresses, but also gets the load for a long time. is a good prevention of scoliosis, and help your child stay healthy for years.

Kakoyou are the basic requirements for mattresses for the children?

The parents think that children need to sleep on a hard bed, then they will not have any problems. However, when the bed is very hard, or too soft, it is not suitable for the baby, because there is no support for the spine.

For children who do not have three years, experts recommend buying a mattress of medium or above medium hardness. It is necessary because children of this age are no physiological curves that have adults.

After three years, the baby bends are formed, it is desirable that the bed was hard. But after12 years old when the cartilage is replaced by bone, which contributes to the rapid development of the muscles, the bed should be of medium hardness.

What is the difference Dikulja mattresses for children?

For the manufacture of orthopedic mattresses Dikulja use only high-quality materials. Ohne of such material is linen, which is used instead of coconut fiber. It is an environmentally friendly material, and is resistant to moisture. In addition, it prevents the formation of odors and harmful bacteria.

In these mattresses have the required number of springs that supportie the spine while sleeping child. It was confirmed that if a child has a small and low weight, it is a delicate and support. When the baby's weight increases, respectively, adjusted to the spring curves of the body. This is very useful for health, and to sleep.


So, parentsand when you choose a mattress for their children, remember that it affects the health of your child in the future. Personally, I recommend choosing mattresses Dikulja. They are not only environmentally friendly, but also provide your child with healthy sleep.

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