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Jewellery made of silver

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Throughout its long history, whether man specifically, the Land subconsciously trying to not be like their kind. This does not mean that he was trying to change the appearance or something difficult to do with your body. In order to stand out from the crowd is sometimes quite something original to wear: designer clothes, stylish shoes, hats, and best of all - decoration. If, for example, inof the Kievan Rus to design garments and dream dreamed, here's decorations were used in full swing, as it is now. Wearing jewelry previously predetermined social status as jewelry could afford to wealthy citizens. Today, the traditional gold jewelry, even with the addition of stones havea fairly wide price range that can satisfy the desire of almost every person.

Silver and jewelry out of it

In our time, the wearing of jewelry as mundane as the wearing of clothes, and so choosing it, you need to opt for such decorations, kotorye have emphasized your individuality, originality of thought, and the hardness of attitudes. We think the ideal candidate for this role is silver. In contrast to the obviously more valuable gold, silver remains in some way in the shadows, without using a universal love. But this same fact could play into the hands of a man who priobrel. Take for example, a rather mundane situation where somewhere in the disco are four friends, hoping to find a decent pair. More than confident that the three of them will be full of gold jewelry, and only the fourth in the neck will show off a silver pendant and ears will sparkle stunning silver earrings. A quick glance at Dr.annuyu situation, it can be concluded that this girl is not like her friends, she did not traditional (like everyone else) looks at things, and it's definitely more interesting. It is in this invaluable is the main highlight of the silver that did not diminish its value as a precious metal.

Of course, silvercheaper precious metal than gold, but it also has the advantage, because in the appendage to the original, you get more and accessibility. And this, precisely, is a very important in a situation where you want to be beautiful, individual, but anything equal on gold necklace was missing. Also do not forget that silver is quite useful, therapeuticth material. Its often used for water purification. It is obvious that wearing silver jewelry will create a favorable healing and aura around his owner or the owner.

In addition, silver is a perfect and harmonious component of many jewelry compositions as excellent inizualno and style combined with a variety of stones. For example, the composition looks quite bright, which uses a silver frame and inlaid amber. Earrings, rings, pendants, brooches, bracelets, cuff links made of amber in silver will be a perfect accessory that once again will add points to your original.


Silver - this is a great alternative to the widely used gold that will make you an order of magnitude more individual personality.

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