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A few words about the concrete

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In this world there small parts and things, but in spite of, kaIt would seem that the insignificance of these things, in their absence, stops normal activities and full life of humanity. For example, no stops, all the little needles sewing industry, without the instruction to use technology equipment is of no value, but without the last shurupchika not finish any con- structedtion of an, be it a computer or furniture, and construction   the field well, can   can not do without such a versatile material such as concrete. It seemed that all the little things individually, but how important are as well-oiled mechanism of   Activities in the chain of any type of work.

Well, someone might imagine constructionstion at home without concrete foundation? Of course, no one can, and if there is such a person that forgets about its importance, remember when tumbled down the house without the main component of the house. If at all presented in simple language about the importance of concrete in any field of technical activities, the absence of concrete in the production is the same as lack of basicoh Knowledge curriculum. A house without a foundation, as a space basics in mathematics of this kind, as the multiplication table in calculating complex integrals.

The history of concrete

Concrete – a material that has to exist use since ancient times and was distributed   in SFEPE construction. The first recorded use of even in ancient civilizations. &Nbsp; With the development of human capacities and knowledge, took place the evolution of the concrete industry and a significant achievement in this field is considered to be the opening of reinforced concrete, which made it possible to extend the range of its use of the building, to the branches hozyaystIslands of different types.

Application concrete

Today there is a wide variation in the concrete mix, which improves the properties of the material and create the most suitable for a specific use, which in turn, extends the range of its use. Today concrete, depending on theits composition, can be used   for the construction of buildings of any nature: from industrial   and   Civil   objects to the waterworks, as well as auxiliary and additional construction work. Depending on the uniqueness of the composition of the mixture, it can be divided into the following types:

  • hydraulic concrete;
  • concrete road;
  • decorative concrete
  • and so on. D.

  Depending on the type of concrete it is widely used to create the following components and products:

  • basins;
  • dam;
  • highly coatings
  • and so on. D.

The subtleties of the concrete industry

When choosing a concrete important to familiarize yourself with the following knowledge of a concrete industrialraising and to find a suitable material to the proposed procedure, based on the following key factors that determine its quality:

  • rational selection of concrete mix;
  • concrete uniformity;
  • concrete class;
  • The density of concrete;
  • concrete grade;
  • frost resistance of concrete;
  • watertight;
  • curing;
  • styling;
  • delivery
  • and so ..

Delivery of concrete from the company « Alfatehmash »

Transportation of concrete mix is ??also an important part in the future work with concrete as of this factor depends on its condition and the uniformity of the mixture. There are two types of delivery of concrete mixture:

  • mixer truck.

There are also rules for the transport of concrete that affect the quality of the originally made of concrete. From the quality and care of concrete it will depend on the final result of the goal, soazhno ordered mixture in companies with a guarantee of quality and very important to the company's services were accompanied by the delivery of concrete.

occurs in the most rapid pace, the company embodies unpredictable orders that occur at work, and always guarantee the quality of their products and differtsya wide selection range. &Laquo; Alfatehmash » executes orders of any volume, scope, parties, timelines, and provides advice on all issues that will satisfy the desire of the most demanding customer.

The advantage of « Alfatehmash »:

  • Assortiment concrete and mortar;
  • round the clock service;
  • has an urgent orders;
  • the quality of materials;
  • precise execution of contracts;
  • level of service.


When planning any business it is important to take responsibility for the selection of materials for the realization of ideas without frustrating the efforts and money spent was not wasted. By this, it is necessary to take into account all the nuances of the case, to be faced and to find the most efficient solutions to fulfill the purpose, taken into accountVai all need and ways of their implementation.


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