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Rest on the Sea of ??Azov

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The economic realities of modern Ukraine is such that we have to pretty to work to earn more or lessdecent fee. This course takes a lot of free time and vitality. The body is gradually depleted, and therefore, at some point just need to slow down and relax. How to spend your holidays required by law decide each for himself: someone could plunge into domestic affairs, and some entire vacation Straitezhit on the couch watching TV. Call it difficult to rest only with the prefix "destructive" as a rest so that it does not, and hence benefit to the organism as such or not, or critically low. It can be called a full-fledged vacation, during which a person is fully immersed in an atmosphere different from that toThoraya surrounds him daily. To achieve this effect, the physical relaxation and emotional release, you need to get away from the usual habitat in areas with slightly different climates and other people around.

For most people in our country for a long time, so that's been a perfect holiday destinationCrimea, especially its southern coast. Only here recently, this trend has become virtually inaccessible because of armed aggression and capture the peninsula Russia. The once-friendly state today is almost the worst enemy, and so we have to look for other areas to relax by the sea. For those who like to relaxMa, in the sense in Ukraine, preferring it to all sorts of foreign countries, could be an alternative to the Sea of ??Azov. It is warmer and less deep. It also dominates the marine type of climate, which is quite a significant impact on all the rest, providing passive therapeutic effect. On the coast of the Azov Sea is located quite a few resort areas, for example, Genichesk, PrimoRAC, Berdyansk. One of the most comfortable places for families, including small children, is a resort village Kirillovka, located at the mouth of Utlyutskogo and dairy lagoons, at the beginning of Fedotova Spit.

Rest in Kirillovka

As mentioned above, Kyrylivka - a resort village, rowsAulnay small (about 3 million inhabitants), but is very popular among the citizens of Ukraine and neighboring countries. This year, according to estimates of the Organizing Committee, in the most Kirillovka and its environs will open its doors more than three hundred of spa facilities (recreation centers, complexes, private estates, guest houses, hotels, etc.). Here youYou will be able to immerse themselves in the familiar atmosphere of a beach holiday, take a more active kiting, windsurfing or fishing in calm sea. You will find many excursions, clean, healthful sea air, which only has a positive effect on the prevention of diseases of the upper respiratory tract and the overall strengthening of immunity, Thuit is essential for a child. To get to the coast, you can actually every day, using the company's services AzovHOT. It carries passengers from Zaporozhye, Kiev and Dnepropetrovsk. In particular, made a trip to Kyrylivka where you are actually delivered to the door of your recreation.


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