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Rest in Kirillovka

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Each year, when it's hot and sultry summer, we kind of horrorHe expects this heat and its effects on our body. It is clear that overstay its concrete prefabricated high-rise buildings will not work, because of this building put to warm up so that it can take a steam bath is like a sauna. Naturally, most of us at this time think about how to hit the road from a noisy and hot rays of the suncity, somewhere far away, where the heat is not a burden, but rather in favor. In such circumstances, the views of people regularly flock to the sea, as one of the most popular and sought-after areas of the summer holidays. Not for nothing, and the highest percentage of vacation falls in the summer. But once the issue with the release should solve another, more importantth - where to go to rest.

Until recently, the alternative to this question is almost not there - all tried to leave for a vacation in the Crimea, in spite of the polls overpriced and often does not correspond to their service. Today this area is actually removed from the agenda because the Crimea imperceptibly for himself "hahotel "become the territory of a neighboring, brotherly countries yesterday. No, of course you can get there - across the border travelers passed. But whether these will deliver fun, quiet, complete rest, a pleasant atmosphere - it's a matter doubtful. Naturally, in such circumstances, most of yesterday" Crimean "today are looking for alternativesand obviously one of the most appropriate, the best option is the Azov coast.

Rest in Kirillovka and the surrounding area

The perfect option for both single and family-friendly holiday village is Kyrylivka in the Zaporozhye region. The sea is somewhat smaller and warmer, that is finebut is suitable for families with children. Moreover, the close proximity of the sea and the neighboring salt estuaries provide a distinctive maritime type of climate in which the air is saturated with sea salts and iodine. This is extremely beneficial to health. This climate is ideal for the prevention of respiratory diseases in them including a cold-type, ideal for strengthening the immune system, and it makes that kind Kyrylivka paradise for a family holiday, especially with young children. In the very act Kirillovka about 300 different recreation facilities (databases, private homes, hotels, resorts and etc.). &Nbsp; Furthermore, despite the relatively small as to the popularresort size (population just over three thousand) here has an excellent infrastructure for active and cognitive leisure: beautiful sunny beaches, aquarium and dolphinarium, a huge number of attractions, a large water park. Here is an opportunity to go fishing in the sea in silence or vice versa with a breeze to ride the surf or kitee. For those few days, are popular night clubs.

How to get in Kyrylivka

are carried out every day from the surrounding major centers: the Zaporizhzhya, Dnipropetrovsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv, Kyiv. For example, the bus route "" depart daily at 6 am on a fairly democraticNoah, for a distance of 140 USD price.


If you want to use and a pleasure to spend a summer vacation, without hesitation to collect things, the family and go to the sea, in Kirillovka - in a good mood you provided.

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