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Rest on the Sea of ??Azov in Kirillovka

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Every year we have set for ourselves are seeing the same situation: for xOdita hot, hot summer and we remember with some pain as it will have to survive in a hot day concrete high-rise building. Of course we dream of and seek to avoid such a way as to escape from the stuffy city where the sun is not a burden, and other people, and the climate is more pleasant and enjoyable, and in general, such as more freely. Obviously, sinceit is a place of the sea coast. Ever since the Soviet Union, the summer holiday by the sea for us is actually traditional, especially when there are small children, for whom such a climate is very useful in strengthening the immune system and prevention of common diseases.

Also, traditionally, we have chosen the route and, more precisely - nThe direction that the priority was the Crimean. But given the current situation around the Crimea and the geopolitical relationship with our most "friendly" neighbor Russia, this direction is not that closed, but is no longer relevant for the majority of citizens. In such conditions it is necessary to seek a reasonable alternative, and it is clear thatShe rushes to the northeast, to the Azov coast. The sea is warmer, calmer and less deep, which creates ideal conditions for families with young children. Here it is located many large and popular resorts such as Genichesk, Berdyansk, Primorsk.

Rest in Kirillovka

Among these majorsettlements somehow stands out Kirillovka village, which despite its modest size and a permanent population of just over 3,000 people, is no less popular and in demand. In the village and its surroundings is located about three hundred recreation facilities (databases, systems, private estates, guest houses, etc.).Popularity Kirillovka add also an excellent infrastructure, which abounds with objects and conditions for the most varied holiday:

  • Beaches. In the vicinity Kyrylivka on Fedotova Spit coasts estuaries abound sunny warm beaches, where you can get a long-awaited tan and quiet timemeasurements lie in the warm sun, enjoy the unique Azov breezes and bought up in the warm clear sea;
  • Aquariums, water parks, dolphins and a lot of fun attractions will allow and actively spend time with your family;
  • The abundance of marine leisure activities. It is inzmozhnost enough windsurfing and kiting;
  • For those who like to fish here are also excellent conditions, both on shore and at sea.

Kyrylivka area is far from large industrial facilities in the region, which creates an exceptional environmentalenvironment and quiet, ideal for rest.

How to get in Kyrylivka

, on the Azov Sea coast, carried out on a daily basis according to the approved schedules. and other spa centers depart from the major regional centers of the region and the country: Zaporozhye, Dnepropetrovsk, Kiev, Kharkov, KrivoyOn the Horn. For example, a bus, "" leaves daily at 6 o'clock in the morning.


Rest in Kirillovka - a unique combination of pleasant atmosphere, positive emotions that can be felt on a daily basis.

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