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Dentistry Kiev: general trends in 2015.

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dental services market – the most developed segmentmarket in the medical field. The first small office there in Kiev back in perestroika – public funds for dental treatment each year produce less, and so began to appear private centers. In the capital, the largest concentration of private stomatkabinetov – up to 60% of the number of all-Ukrainian.

Lines dental surgogicheskih institutions

Currently, there are several types of institutions providing dental services in Kiev:

  • public hospitals – there is still a free dental treatment, it is possible tofee for some drugs. These clinics are the only place of service of pensioners and socially unprotected layers. Their market share is less than 10%;
  • corporate clinic – centers for dental treatment of large corporations. Now, however, thelko few companies are able to maintain such centers, so their number in the capital does not exceed ten;
  • dental clinics of medical centers , which offer patients comprehensive treatment, not Only tooth. Their share of the Kiev market alsolarge (less than 1%), as dentists prefer to perform better in their own name than the name medkompanii;
  • dental network – quite popular form of business in Kiev. They provide almost half of paid services statmologicheskihcapital. Such popularity is due to the presence of a plurality of centers scattered throughout the city, – the patient may choose which one sign, depending on its location;
  • single stomatkabinety – rooms in which work1-2 flushes doctor. They cater to 75% of the capital of patients. This is due to the fact that the patient gets used to a particular doctor and then tries served just at the chosen doctor.

: development trends in 2015.

The demand for dental services in the current year will increase,Despite the crisis, the total falling incomes – patients continue to choose quality services. Market share of single rooms will grow, and other participants – decrease. This trend is related to the lack of funding for dental treatment in public hospitals, corporations. Dental network, althoughlikely to remain on the Kiev market, but will lose some customers due to the high cost of service – in such centers prices higher due to additional costs for brand promotion, adminpersonala content, advertising. Additional earnings clinic will be able to get through the dental tourism – as the price leveldental treatment in Europe, the CIS countries, even close up, many foreigners arriving in Kiev, visit the dental office. The travel direction will be further developed, provided the termination of the military conflict.

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