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The stones in the gall - how to show and how to find them?

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If the body breaks down some one process, it causest unpleasant consequences for the whole organism. One of those nasty negative processes   is the occurrence of gallstones. Usually a person and does not feel that   he had such a bad diagnosis. But this disease is very harmful to the whole body and slows down many processes, so should be treated immediately.

Symptoms of gallstones

There are certain symptoms that signal the presence of stones in the gall.

The disease all goes differently. Some people do not feel discomfort until they make ultrasound, and there are those who notice problems etc.Even at the slightest appearances stones.

Typically, the disease is characterized by bouts of severe pain, bitter taste in the mouth, nausea, trouble belching, bloating. This is the main list of the symptoms associated with this problem.

Even a man who does not feel permanentdiscomfort periodic fits of pain in the abdomen, the left side of the sternum, which are similar to heart.

Patients may experience worsening after ate fatty foods, nervous, processed, went on a long journey.

In order to diagnose the disease in time – must constantly carry out . If not removed or treated stones, the injured gallbladder wall. &Nbsp;  

A few words about the treatment of stones in the gall

Do not rely on the fact that the disease will pass by itself. It requires treatment. &Nbsp; If you had an attack of severe pain in the gall, then be sure to go   abdominal ultrasound, which can be found at 95% of stones.     &Nbsp;

In the formulation of   the diagnosis and accurate confirmation does not always follow surgery. It depends on the degree of disease. But do not get aboutself-drive and drink all sorts of mixtures and decoctions. Some drugs may self-made lead to blockage of the bile ducts. And this is a good reason for the   surgery. It is necessary to consult a gastroenterologist and surgeon. Only these doctors nominate correct treatment. There are a range of therapy, which helps removeeniyu   stones from the bladder. This therapy:

  • Removes biliary colic;
  • It dissolves gallstones;
  • Display the remains of stones from the gallbladder.

Not all patients are suitable   drug therapy. It can take several years. Sometimes she brings tosyacheskie complications. We need strict control professionals. Sometimes it's better to spend operative intervention.

If you have time to identify this disease and you will be treated with the right, then you will reduce the risk of unpleasant consequences. A good clinic you and determine the diagnosis and arrange proper treatment.&Nbsp;

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