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Air conditioning repair company FROST AIR

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Tak is the way a person is looking for in this world of comfortable conditions for themselves. What did not come up to the people themselves: the heaters and fresheners, and whatnot so good. Here and air conditioning come up with this.

A bit of history

From the hot sun exhausting ancient inhabitants fled as best they could. NapExample, the inhabitants of ancient India came up wet water mats woven from grasses, and put them on the windowsill. Evaporating water cools the air coming into the room. It so happened similarity « the first air conditioner & raquo ;. But in those days no one knew, and did not think of air conditioners, just been opened. A mention of the first air conditioning   It was   1815. And it was not about the device, and the status of the air, it is translated from the English word conditioner. It was then that Jeanne Shabannes received a patent for his invention of the method for adjusting the temperature in rooms and air conditioning. But that's all over. It took almost a century to implement this Eideu in life. Willis Carrier, the engineer – American inventor collected the first refrigeration machine. It should be noted that he had not thought about the comfort of the workers who work in a stuffy room. His invention reduces humidity, and improved print quality in printing. Nona than a year, as in the theater of Cologne were air-conditioned, andthe audience enjoyed the performance of the actors in a cool room. Since then, it took many years, and the air conditioning was still in demand and popular.

The types of air conditioners

Air conditioners can be different. And they should choose, based on where you will install it. &Nbsp; If you want to install it in the bedroom oroperating cab, it is necessary to select those that are not very noisy, but for a child's room need to choose a conditioner that will evenly distribute the air without forming drafts. For kitchen, office, apartment and country house with air conditioning need to choose the appropriate characteristics.

What if suddenly there was a failure condiEPA?

So you finally choose, install, and enjoy a comfortable indoor climate. But the technique, a technique that went wrong, and there was a breakdown of the device. &Nbsp; And to the good, as you know, you get used quickly. But do not despair, there are companies that repair air conditioners, you need only to drawtsya for help. You do not have that – then to try to fix after your repair, you may not have help, have to buy a new air conditioner or sacrificing comfort.

Therefore, trust the professionals,   the company « FROST AIR ».   The company's specialists can carry out as soon as aRocky, thanks to years of experience. They are under the power of any systems and types of air conditioners. We use only modern high quality tools. Specialists carry out two types of repair:

  • exit pay-out and maintenance (on-site repair can be carried out only for the standard breakages);
  • to the service center, pay-out, repair, and delivery.

But there may be innovative solutions, depending on the circumstances. High-quality repair, reasonable prices, individual approach - these are the main advantages of the company! And make a request, and you can request a callback online pMode. So if you happened to such trouble as breakage of the air conditioner, you now know what to do!

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