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Treatment of enamel hypoplasia

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The main objective of the doctor in the treatment of dental disease is to eliminate the root causes of Bolesitu. However, some disorders can be hidden from view and their diagnosis requires a comprehensive inspection. For example, tooth decay at an early age may be a consequence of the disease hypoplasia of dental treatment which should be carried out as soon as possible.

What is hypoplasia?

Disease « hypoplasia » caused by abnormalities of fetal development. In other words — it is deviation in the development of dental tissues, both solid (enamel) and soft (dentin, pulp). These deviations can cause negative factors into pregnancy. For example a metabolic disorder — one of the proproblems for which there is enamel hypoplasia. Treatment often reduced to the elimination of defects and damaged areas of prosthetics, but prevention is particularly important. When the diagnosis of hypoplasia of the child does not have to visit the dentist once a year 1 and every 2-4 months. This will prevent tooth decay and prevent aggravationthe appearance of hypoplasia of permanent teeth.

  The disease manifests itself visually striking as the enamel, but the severity may be different:

  • change the color and appearance of stains on the teeth;
  • enamel hypoplasia and deformation of the teeth;
  • complete (Turner teeth) or whiteastichnoe lack enamel.

Severe disease causes deformation of the teeth and can be extremely painful, while the light can not bring much inconvenience with timely fight against tooth decay. The deformations are classified as:

  • Hutchinson's teeth.
  • Teeth Fournier.
  • Pfluger teeth.


As mentioned, dental enamel hypoplasia above all requires constant oral care, and the most effective prevention is to check the expectant mother a dentist. After the birth of the child must receive allnecessary for the proper and full development of minerals, so you should take responsibility for nursing mothers diet.

  The treatment depends on the type and complexity of the disease. Visual defects are removed and sealed. To prevent the development of disease, the teeth must be protected from aggressive ineschestv and harmful factors. If dental enamel hypoplasia appears mild, conduct prevention of caries and remineralizing therapy. For more complex manifestations of causal treatment is carried out, with the obligatory orthopedic treatment enamel. will return beautiful smile even in severe defects of teeth.

  Take care of the health of the child is necessary before his birth, so never treat pregnancy carelessly, it can cause serious diseases of your child.

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