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What is the abdominal migraine

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Unfortunately, we have to state that disease with a variety of existingoday   substantially « younger ».   This means that previously observed in our grandparents, today we see in their children. &Nbsp; And this can not but cause concern. Abdominal migraine is no exception. Today, scientists have confirmed that the disease is common, and often, in children, whose age does not etc.5-9 years greater than the operation. However, it should be noted that young people suffer from the disease is much less common.


often characterized not only a headache. Often there are cramps in the abdomen, nausea and vomiting. Toddlers have nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, remove these withimptomy not possible any medication that causes great anxiety in parents. And very often parents blamed it on food, maybe a child ate something wrong. But this view is mistaken. If you or the child were throbbing pains in the head and at the same time in the stomach, abdominal pain and can not be accurately locate, Kazhetsya that hurts everywhere, parents should think. But it often happens that these pains are repeated often, it gives rise to, and not much to worry about. In addition, nausea and vomiting blamed on banal poisoning. It is noted that after such an attack, as a rule, the mood will melt again excellent. It happens that the   no reason, no reason to throw coldsweat or appear red spots on the skin, or, conversely, pale face. Then it is necessary to reflect and consult a specialist. Do not loiter, the earlier contact, the better for you. &Nbsp; Perhaps,   begin   Abdominal migraine.

How to diagnose the disease

Please refer to the local doctor, maybe you will be assigned a consultation with a neurologist and a gastroenterologist. But if a survey of experts show good results, the doctor will put a preliminary diagnosis of migraine and recommend a number of studies. And then you go through a number of surveys:

  • tomography;
  • EEG;
  • ultrasound of the abdominal cavity;
  • blood count;
  • if necessary, must still undergo biochemical analysis of blood.And   Only after that the doctor can put you diagnosed migraine in you or not.

Prevention and treatment of abdominal migraine.

It should be noted that this disease can be treated with traditional or non-traditional methods. &Nbsp; And most importantly, it's food. It should byt balanced. Be sure to observe the regime. All « harmful and unnecessary » exclude products (soda, meats, fat and so on.). Very good effect on the body physical culture and sports, so regular visits to sports clubs, only benefit children. And a smaller seat at the computer, children must walk! &Nbsp; And from IUmedicaments are very good vitamins. All drugs taken only with a doctor's permission.
From all should: a healthy active lifestyle, proper diet, and forget about migraine forever and not just for her, but also from many diseases!

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