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In a note to the lessor and the lessee

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No one secret that real estate is onem of the lucrative business. Some sell a house, while others received more intelligent - lease. It is clear that this business is quite good. However, you should know the rights and responsibilities as a landlord, and those who rent an apartment or house that is a tenant. First it should be noted that the contract must be. It is a dockment confirming your rights.

The main elements of the agreement are:

  • Note parties: the lessor and lessee.
  • The subject of the agreement, ie the landlord leases and tenant leases. We are talking about the apartment, house or part thereof.
  • The objectives of the lease, that is why the room is available and to whom.
  • It should also be stated on the lease term and the payment terms. Payment can be of two forms: cash and non-cash.
  • indicates who and what public services should pay. Typically, these services otnosyatsya costs: electricity, gas, water, internet, and other garbage.
  • Do not forget to and about the basic rights and obligations of the lessor and lessee. In particular, the landlord has the right from time to time to check the condition of the property and all the apartments, provided for use to the lessee. Also objaforms an if necessary to make repairs facilities, plumbing and other equipment, if the failure is not the fault of the tenant. As for the rights and obligations of the lessee, that they include:

- make timely payments;
- To observe sanitary rules;
- Observe the firestandards;
- The apartment and property treated carefully;
- Use a room only for its intended purpose.

  • Be sure to specify the procedure for returning the premises.
  • can be specified, and the main grounds on which the contract may be canceled.

Make sure the contract mustIt is signed by both parties and it is desirable notarized. While the notary stamp is not required.

Apartments for rent

For example, you want. It should be understood that the procedure is different. Make sure the tenant should check the conditions of membership of the premises for housing, aboutbelieve the true price and demand to conclude an agreement. This is necessary to avoid future trouble. When you look around the apartment, pay attention to those things that have trouble because once you take the room back to the lessor, you can also pay for these faults. That you need?

More importantly, it is worth checking whether this room belongs to the landlord. So do not be afraid to just ask about the availability of documents that confirm the identity and the right to property.

So, renting has its advantages. Remember that you should definitely sign the contract, as a perpetual lease, soand rent. Be sure to agree on a price for the use and services. It is important that the landlord did not violate the rights of the lessee to use the housing, and the tenant, in turn, adhere to the basic rights and obligations, which are in the contract.

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