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What symptoms are severe birth

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The life of any average person can be divided into several periods. Thus, transitionsHouse from one period to another, usually it is some climactic event radically change the rhythm and way of life, outlook and level of responsibility.

It is clear. to those events that could be considered the end of the study (and hence the start of working life), marriage (ie, beginning with Yuestno life, creating its own separate unit of society, as they say), and of course, the birth of a child. This event certainly is the most spiritualized, joyful feeling crowded. It also reverses the usual, even family life, because now all my attention has to be given to this tiny little man that is soWe waited a long time in this world. This is certainly great fun for both the father and mother of the child, but for the latter - it's also a pretty tough test.

A child is born after nine months in the womb, visibly tired during this time and dreams quickly give birth mother. Nevertheless, it is pOdes are probably the biggest challenge in the life of a woman, because both are associated with an extremely painful sensations (it's not hard to imagine comparing the average size of the child and the vaginal opening through which he will pass).

The course of childbirth

As with any complex structural proprocess, labors have distinct stages, of which only three:

  1. cervical dilatation . It is a gradual process that begins with contractions. Typically, this process takes between 3 to 12 hours while the cervix dilates to 10-12 cm, and the amniotic fluid pour out;
  2. The expulsion of the fetus . This period is characterized by vain attempts - a periodic spontaneous contraction of the muscles of the diaphragm and abdominal wall, which contributes to the movement of the fetus;
  3. Postpartum . It is accompanied by the removal of the placenta from the uterus and fetal membranes.

The severity of birth

The most important of the three periods of a second, during which there is a direct birth. From what position (predlezhanie) takes the fruit of attempts at the time, what is the physiology of women in labor, her actions during childbirth, as well as the professionalism of the doctors will depend on her lungs or. Let us, in this case, the heavy labor, that is labor, which flows with deviations from existing regulations, as well as with severe complications. The severity of Oslozhneny directly affects the health of the mother and child.

are the following symptoms of severe birth:

  1. Bleeding;
  2. asphyxia;
  3. Generic fetal injury;
  4. Foot fetal presentation;
  5. Abnormal length of labor;
  6. The use of obstetrical instruments, and so on. D.

Obviously, the most dangerous of all the above conditions is a foot or breech presentation, as a head of the child, the first to come to light districtOIG. In such a state is quite high risk of asphyxia (suffocation) fetus and causes birth defects, which then affects their health. It is also quite dangerous and are considered abnormal deviations in delivery times too lengthy may cause oxygen starvation of the brain of the fetus, and too fast - seriously hurt him due to insufficientto reveal the cervix and untrained birth canal. The most pronounced symptoms of the forthcoming severe childbirth are pains in the back and a pretty painful contractions. In such cases, a wide range of commonly used painkillers and labor-inducing activity of drugs.


Childbirth - is one of the most difficult stages in the life of any woman who wants to become a mother. It is clear that its state and preparing for childbirth is necessary to control the time, then the risk of severe birth will be kept to a minimum.

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