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One of the signs of power has always been printed. Today, stamp products consistently continues to be accompanied byit business life. The development of electronic document management makes life easier, but   not deprive the printing of identification functions. Maybe,   in the future it will be possible, but is stamp products are still in demand.

anti-crisis solutions agency   is a reliable manufacturer shtempelnoy products conforming to the highest standards.

It is classified   the stamp range on several parameters. Type of equipment: automatic and manual. The type of material for the manufacture of cliches: plastics and rubber. In addition stamp production of identification, or can be of marking. For example, a round seal and corner stamp are - of identification type of product, according to the stamps -   of marking. In fact, stamps are designed to save   working time in paperwork. The range of products is complemented Dater stamp, which in addition to the current date allows time to fix. Stamp nedia for public institutions, special print for doctors and notaries have their own specifics.

of rubber on laser technology has become an alternative to polymer products. Laser technology has successfully demonstrated its performance advantages over the polymer. In addition, special purposeGoes software in laser technology can significantly improve the quality characteristics of rubber stamps. &Nbsp; What can not be achieved by using a polymer or flash technology.

The polymer products are characterized by low prices, and short periods of operation. Over time, print mAkiho stamps subject to aging as polymeric material susceptible to mechanical damage and is very sensitive to temperature fluctuations. A negative impact of alcohol-stamp paint can distort and deform the contours of the structure of polymer clich?. Flash technology is suitable for   manufacturing of stamp productionand any level of complexity, as a   single-color and multi-color printing, which are intended for limited use. One refill printing delivers up to 5000 prints and the number of refueling is practically unlimited.

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