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A healthy lifestyle (HLS)

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You do not want to hurt - at first glance this phrase can be assumed that it will be a who knows what. In fact, it is a call, and WCoolant - is not some foreign term, and ours, one that does not have at home, healthy lifestyle. The appeal must be said more than actual, because in spite of the exceptionally high level of development and the potential of society, the way of life which it leads, can be called more destructive than healthy. Trying to add comfort to his Mrs.zn, inventing new technical devices and technologies, we select at something that is very important indeed - movement. A movement of something, as we know, there is life, because thanks to regular and sufficient motor activity, all the systems and processes in the body are maintained at an appropriate level. In addition, the fire is small and adds that weWe eat. After all, the development of related fields of chemistry led to the fact that the food we eat has become rather not useful, and sometimes even dangerous.

What is a healthy lifestyle?

If you think for a moment and try to analyze the term, it is clear HLS will represent a comprehensive approach to building a model Propertyennoy life, which would be aimed at creating conditions under which naturally took to the prevention of diseases, strengthen the immune system and the body as a whole. This is not some kind of fad and fashion, and it is an objective and reasonable process. This becomes clear when you look at the well-known statistic that we govICU that human health depends on many factors, both external and internal. At the same time our health only 10% dependent on medicine, 20% - from genetics (ie, heredity), 20% - on the conditions of the world in which we live and by as much as 50% - of what life we ??lead . As you can see, healthy lifestyle - this is more than an impressive structurelyayuschaya our health and neglect it in modern conditions is extremely unwise. Moreover, that HLS is not really focused exclusively on health, although it is its main task. Thanks newfound health, we can, without knowing it, to discover new interests at work, at home, during leisure time.

The elementsYou HLS

If we consider the healthy lifestyle, as a system, it is possible to uniquely identify its structural components:

  • Formation tendency to healthy lifestyle at an early age.
  • Ecology, ie a healthy and clean environment.
  • Fromabsence of bad habits, dependencies.
  • Right, well built and balanced diet.
  • Sufficient physical activity, and including using specialized exercise, and of course taking into account the physiology of every individual.
  • Compliance with the rules of hygiene, both personal and public.
  • The normal psychological state.

Forming healthy lifestyle

Again, if healthy lifestyle - it is a complex system, it obviously must somehow emerge as geneticallyit is not zaprogrammiruesh. Thus, the process of formation and education of a healthy lifestyle principles, consists of three main steps:

  • Social information or propaganda.
  • The infrastructure, ie, the establishment of appropriate prerequisites for healthy lifestyles and conditions.
  • Personal or the formation of values ??and correct life guidelines.


A healthy lifestyle is always important at any stage of history. Today, introduction to the global movement is possible through the website

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