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What is a dental implant

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< p style = "text-align: left;"> In a world where the level of communication has become truly global, everyone can feel like a star's bodyscreen. Especially because you can remove a simple video camera on any mobile device (smartphone, tablet, etc.), and only put it online for everyone to see - simple. Feeling some belonging to the category of stars, clearly feel their concerns and to maintain their appearance, image, one of the main components of whichOn a full-fledged snow-white Hollywood smile. Although the TV on a daily drives to the brain information about the importance of it is snow-white smile, in fact, more important aspects is its completeness or simply put - the presence of all teeth. Unfortunately, a lot of people in our country who are obviously unhealthy way wLife Span and certainly not worried about timely advice from dentists, faced with the loss of one or more teeth.

The more important a full smile

the importance of full dentition is not that it could shine on the left and on the right, although the aestheticcomponent has not been canceled. Its main role - functional, there is a possibility of the full functions of chewing, which can significantly decrease the loss of several teeth. Although this question has to be taken in the complex course, because if, for example, not molar tooth is not very strong and affect the practicaltion side of the issue, and aesthetics clearly limping as it is not visible. On the other hand, if there is no cutter, canine or one of the small molars, constituting the visible set of teeth, it is not only a problem during the meal, but the "smile" in a similar picket fence very unaesthetic.

Types of Dental themPlante

One of the best practices for addressing the phenomenon of edentulous (ie, lack of teeth) is to install on the problem of dental implant. The main advantage of this method is the creation of a full artificial tooth base, in which there is no need to resort to tissue destructionadjacent teeth (for example, bridges method of prosthetics). In its form are metal rods, replacing the lost tooth root. The material used for the manufacture of titanium implant and this is no accident. The fact that titanium has an inert characteristics with respect to the body, that is in the process of implantingeniya into the jaw bone, there is no precedent for its rejection by the body as a foreign body. Structurally, all existing implants can be divided into two major groups: collapsible and non-collapsible. Within these groups, there are four basic types of implants:


  • endosseous or intraosseous . This is the most common type of implant, statistically is about 95% of the total. The shape is conical or cylindrical rod, which is threaded or smooth surface;
  • Subperiosteal or submucosal . This is a metal frame that is attached to the bone under the mucous membrane (periosteum);
  • Basal . This type of prosthesis is used when setting for single itemerzhnevyh systems is not enough bone. Therefore, the basal implant is used in the event of a loss of three or more teeth;
  • Endodontics-endosseous .


The presence of a full, healthy smile - it's not justa whim of fashion, and a real need, that will not only fully implement the physiological functions, but also to feel confident in terms of aesthetics.

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