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How to cure herpes?

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Herpes have a very common infectious disease. It causes the pathogen -herpes simplex virus. It is interesting that the virus may not manifest itself for years. It is first incorporated into the cell, thus encompasses blood cells and nerve cells. It is understood that while the conventional methods of immune defense fail. Therefore, when there is a sharp decline in immunity, the infection is rapidly gaining momentum.

Whatauthorities can affect the herpes simplex virus?

The herpes simplex virus usually affects:

  1. optic tract, which can lead to keratitis, optic neuritis, phlebothrombosis and other diseases;
  2. gastrointestinal tract and causes hepatitis, and proctitist. e.;
  3. ENT and causes sore throat, outer ear, sudden deafness;
  4. cardiovascular system, resulting in the emergence of diseases such as myocarditis and cardiomyopathy;
  5. The bodies of the oral cavity: gingivitis and stomatitis;
  6. The lungs, leading to pneumonia;
  7. The skin and mucous membranes, and this, in turn, implies the emergence of herpes of the lips, face and others;
  8. The lymphatic system: there HSV lymphadenopathy;
  9. Male genital organs: aboutprostatitis, urethritis, and takes damage sperm;
  10. female sex organs, endometritis, metroendometritis, chorion and others;
  11. Psycho-emotional sphere: the onset of depression;
  12. CNS: simpatoganglionevrit, encephalitis and loss of nerve plexusd.

What are the signs and symptoms of herpes known?

The main signs and symptoms of herpes are:

  • Itching;
  • Heartburn;
  • General weakness;
  • temperature risesa body;
  • are increasing inguinal lymph nodes;
  • There are headaches;
  • The muscle pain is honored;
  • There is a rash in the genital area;
  • Small bubbles appear on the floorovyh bodies;
  • A few days later it comes darkening bubbles, and a couple of days, the spot formed on the site of erosion.

Preventing herpes

For the prevention of herpes should follow simple rules. The idea is that:

  • It is necessary to have a permanent partner, you are 100% trust;
  • Avoid casual sex. If this happens, use a condom.

If you have at least some suspicion that you are infected with herpes, then immediately contacta dermatologist.
For the prevention or treatment of herpes and the use of porridge raspberry branches. To do this, well washed raspberry branches, cut along the 1 cm and chew thoroughly. Porridge, what happens is applied to the affected area.

How do the people treat herpes?

The people there are many cnThe special treatment of herpes. Let's look at some of them.

  1. The first way is that it is necessary to take the garlic clove, peel it, grind and grate. By the way, you need to rub so that the juice gets inside. This procedure is preferably carried out overnight to precipitation had no pinact with the liquid;
  2. You can drink tea from a mug. Some doctors even recommend to make tinctures from red clover or sassafras;
  3. Not bad helps and lemon juice. They should lubricate those places where you feel itching and tingling.

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