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What is mesotherapy?

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Meozoterapiya today – a modern FPICabout using injections for rejuvenation. The meaning of this procedure lies in the use of doctor vitamins, various elements and substances intradermally manner and under the skin.

  The task of mesotherapy get the expected therapeutic results from the use of medicines to achieve reflexogenic action from destruction andnektsiyami biologically active points on human skin. Substances that are used in this procedure - administered small doses, which makes it possible to make the risk of allergic reactions in the form of the body low enough.

Such procedures are carried out under the task moisten the skin, improve skin elasticity and toI order to improve the drainage of excess liquid removal in fabrics. The procedure is effective for treating a variety of skin diseases, such as rashes, rosacea.

Also, for adjusting the change of age for the treatment of hair loss and cellulite. In preparation for the implementation of the plastic surgery and rehabilitation proupon completion of the process of this procedure will also be useful and effective.

As used mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy face in Kiev clinic   « DD clinic » procedure is mainly used manual method by injection.

The doctor did notapplies the special injector, as in the facial area requires careful use of injections. Mesotherapy face held safely by the time this process takes close to fifteen, twenty minutes. can be in the clinic DDclinic at Kiev pr. red star, 4-D.

One of the sessions will not be Dostatochno to achieve a stable result is required to apply a course of treatment. For example, to get rid of wrinkles around the eyes need to carry three or four treatments with a time interval of seven days, and for the lifting of facial skin need eight such procedures.

How is the procedure itself?

Previously the doctor during the consultation is the problem, its location and the required method of removing it. He also finds a contraindication to the use of certain procedures specific medications.

The patient is required to inform the doctor about all the presence of the disease,that he has. Also provide information on the medicines he takes on various forms of allergy, if any have taken place.

Injection area and their number, as well as medikamentnaya dose depends on the characteristics of the problem to be solved, and the individual characteristics of the skin. After disinfecting the skin prick nrimenyaetsya to a depth of one millimeter to two centimeters, it all depends on the fabric you want to apply effects.

From the point of view of the injection technique for this procedure does not differ from the classic versions of injections. At the end of the procedure is carried out to re-skin treatment antispticheskogo character is supposed to use a cream with soothing properties.

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